Strange, Wierd & Sick Times!
by N.R. Filidei (October 17, 2011 - commentary)

"Tensions Fly As G.I.'s Take Fire Out Of Pakistan"

Never mind that disgusting reality about: "Tensions Flare as G.I.'s Take Fire Out of Pakistan", since just another pathetically-strange & weird display of friendship. "With friends like that,...who-in-the-hell-needs-enemies", many no doubt say.

Still, such should make the American People now realize that even MORE STUPID policies than just believing America can Buy Friends with MY/YOUR/OUR and/or U.S. Taxpayer Monies (a proved longtime failure) now exist. Yes,...even MORE STUPID.

Naive civilian fools now ALSO dictating that BILLION$ of MY/YOUR/OUR monies ALSO go yearly to nations despicably supportive of even Fanatical Muslim Enemies of The United States of America,...IS AS STUPIDLY-DICTATORIAL as it gets. Nationally-suicidal also.

Perhaps I'm just being too-damn-unfair & judgemental towards America's typically cavalier & generous RULING elite daily gifting MY/YOUR/OUR monies to most every nation on earth?

We already proved being the most charitable people on the planet (re. Americans) for all needy worldwide already, should never be Big Brother FORCED additionally to help out foreign nationals, year after year after year. Even by old soviet marxist: "Share The Wealth" standards,...such is totally absurd & just not right.

Regardless, who truly knows? I certainly don't. Maybe Pakistanis were/are no different than any other Big Campaign Contributor$ screwed-over or NOT RECEIVING the grandiose pay-offs as such usually expect (The American norm)?

Most rulers get pissed that don't get their pay-offs as expected? Thus, it's no wonder that Pakistanis were ordered to Quite Stupidly fire on Americans Friends, by their unhappy since not paid-off superiors.

Yes. Pakistani Rulers (just like other enemy supportive rulers worldwide) are as easily bought & corrupted & get just as angry (nutty also) when MY/YOUR/OUR Monies are denied, as do many American & other obvious Money Hungry Political Rulers .

Guess that expecting corruptness from many ruling elite daily depending on U.S. TAXPAYER MONIES for their very existences, is a pretty-much universal thing?

Whatever, too bad for: "We The (Schnook$)" and/or The U.S. Taxpayer in general.

In fact, this latest perpetrated by Ally(???) Pakistan is even sadder still for The U.S. Military.

After all, isn't it quite likely that U.S. Taxpayer monies actually paid for that for all that ordinance or ammo stupidly expended against: "America's Finest". The managers (actually mismanagers) of such funds gifted to Pakistan should be jailed.

We certainly live in strange, weird & sick times, my friends. Hope America Survives?

The End