Peace, Fleece or Grease Prize?
by N.R. Filidei (October 15, 2007 - commentary)

WOW!!!, talk about a political perversion of a greatly cherished award, or that quite pompous Norwegian Committee Members obviously snort lots of strong stuff & smoke too-damn-much wacky-tobacky. What next? Will the strange Nobel Peace Prize Folks absurdly award or bestow same upon Islam’s Mass-Murder Poster Boy and/or Osama Bin Laden, next year?       

Please don’t laugh, since was sincere and not joking. After all, wasn’t all that long ago that previous recipients of The Award or Yasser Arafat & Jimmy Carter contributed as much to World Peace as once both anti-American and Enemy Encouraging War Protesters ON FOREIGN SOIL, Jane Fonda & Bill Clinton NEVER DID. All those fools solely extended wars & conflicts.    

Granted, ex-Vice President Al Gore and latest notable awarded Nobel Peace Prize is not so twisted or saddled with previously despicable treasonable acts at a younger age. Plus he quite differently than the others isn’t as despised by so many. He differently was/is basically honest, forthright, sincere, well-meaning & believable, also.

Sure, and just like the others mentioned, Gore too is just another typical career-Leftist Voice and/or foolish believer that United Nations The Ultimate Governance will solve EVERYTHING.   But,…so what? He pretty-much kept his nose clean, isn’t as typically: “Bush-bashing”, “America Trashing” & foreign nationals-favoring, as are most Democrat Leaders, Notables & Hacks.

Also, “He” appears Sincerely Supportive of: “America’s Finest” and/or The U.S. Troops and not just publicly feigning so, as so despicably done by most other Leftist Wartime Under-miners.    

However, and since obvious that all sane people on earth already much prefer clean air and pristine waters to foul & polluted,…what on earth does championing such fine things have to do with The Peace Prize, anyway? Shouldn’t have: “Weatherman Gore” been awarded some Environmental, Meteorological or Comedy Prize, instead?

Even sillier, is the current propagating by Al & Followers that A Global Warming which theoretically has been going on for about 150 to 350 HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS or MILLENIA (no one knows for certain) can be stopped, is just absolutely absurd also.  Realistically, earths warming has very little to do with Peace or even War for that matter. Well, at least not until complete and New Ice Age starts. But, that’s a whole new and different story.

Regardless, it is current scientific fact that Gore & Devout stand about as much a chance at stopping global warming, as turning Fanatical Islamic Terrorists into Caring Infidel Lovers.   Both absurdities are just not physically possible achieving and not even given all the combined gall, under-mining & wealth of The Superior Ones or likes of:  Clinton, Kennedy, Pelosi, $oros, $treisand, and all rest of The Leftist Supremacist Beltway & Hollywood Crowds.

NO ONE can alter or stop irrefutable realities of life or mankind’s longevity. Almighty God Himself can’t stop Global Warming or turn Unconscionable Muslims into SANE PEOPLE.

Therefore, how can any mere mortals (godly politicians & demigod hacks inclusive) think for a second that they have the power to stop Mother Nature from doing what she has been doing for eons (if not longer)? Sure, it’s obvious that without her mankind could never survive.

Hell, even regarding mass-killings or cause for mass-burials worldwide, Mother Nature truly has no competition whatsoever. She makes tyrannical terrorists seem like relative amateurs at that despicable killing of: “Defenseless men, women and children (babies also)” and/or what Quite Sick-O Fanatical Muslims take great pride & extreme pleasure doing on a daily basis.

Whatever, and whom or what in greater volume kills innocent people BEST aside, how can Gore & Clique believe they can stop Global Warming when can’t stop EVEN ONE of the hundreds of volcanic eruptions (both on land & under sea), earthquakes, hurricanes, monsoons, typhoons, tsunamis, and vast forest fires started by lightning each & every year? Also, let’s not forget the mega-mega-ton solar explosions daily occurring, and some humongous asteroids & meteorites occasionally hitting earth, which CAN NEVER BE STOPPED by politicos either.

In fact, only politically-correct (an oxymoron) idiots or zealots could honestly believe that they can stop anything as powerful that produced The Grand Canyon, America’s Five Great Lakes (actually inland oceans), The Great Niagara and its Falls, St. Lawrence Seaway, and even a couple of nations such as Greenland & Iceland.  Honestly, would be infinitely much easier stopping The Sun Rising in morning and Setting at night.

Let’s face it, folks. Even the most well-meaning of such intransigent know-it-all types, politicos or notables are usually nothing much more than career- “Pie in the sky” deceivers whom just happen to be unfortunately believed by many, merely since well known due politics. Hell, this latest global warming started LONG BEFORE anyone on earth (Neanderthals inclusive) ever heard of chlorofluorocarbons, or before Gore & Scientists knew what-the-hell such even were.

Stop spraying under arms and smell or stink, freeze your butt off in winter and sweat it off in summer, or even trade in your SUV for a bicycle as conservationists would have all do. Such will not help one iota. Global Warming will just continue on unabated and AS USUAL. Amen or So it is Written.       

The End