"PEACE" or just Foreign BS Prize??
by N.R. Filidei (10/9/09 - commentary)

Right from the gitgo,...wasn't/isn't it very strange?
Alfred Nobel, inventor of trinitrotolulene or TNT and/or: "Invention that elevated warfare to a new level of barbarism" is the namesake of a yearly Million Dollar PEACE Price. Go figure?

Even stranger than that are some of the recipients of such a grand award, whom in reality & in fact also contributed about as much to PEACE, as Nobel did.

Recipients from 1994 to date are great examples of how such a prestigious award is pretty-much determined by adoring fans, such as on: "American Idol" & "America's Got Talent", or even Hollywood's Academy Awards for that matter.

How else would Yasser Arafat have absurdly received a Nobel PEACE Prize in 1994?

Why on earth would Democrat ex-President Jimmy Carter have received one in 2002?

Made no sense nor saw any great merit warranted for: "Jimmy Who?" just sitting around with his finger up his butt while Iran Declared War on both America & Canada, by taking over both embassies & many American & Canadian Hostages.

The actual resolver of that blatant Iranian Act of War called: "President Ronald Reagan", should rightfully have gotten that PEACE Prize, INSTEAD. Strong Presidents of Great Nations just aren't trifled with. History proves such.

But, and unfortunately as often, Republicans/Conservatives are usually excluded from receiving such pretty-much show-biz type awards. Though, Reagan acting quite differently Presidential by quickly getting all hostages released ("Or else"), bringing The Berlin Wall down & greatly influencing the disbanding of The 70 YEAR OLD Soviet Union with nary a shot fired,...weren't too shabby actual accomplishments towards PEACE to say the least.

Whatever, let's move ahead to that utter nonsense of Democrat ex-Vice President Al Gore getting The Nobel PEACE Prize for basically DISCOVERING Global Warming AGAIN, in 2007. Such was truly strange even by asininely surreal or Democrat Politically-Correct (actually an oxymoron) standards.

Scientist, Professors & Teachers for quite some time have known & taught students that earth already has had THREE Global Warmings followed by THREE Ice Ages. Plus these THREE inevitable Mother Nature sequences occurred LONG BEFORE any people ever heard of chloroflourocarbons,...or even that OTHER: "Cap & Trade" duplicity & rip-off Dems intend dictating, ALSO.

Still, even Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. himself must be amazed at his being awarded The Nobel PEACE Prize for 2009? After all, and even from his quite pompous lordly perch, he too must realize that The Norwegians also have a press/media reporting the obvious suspicions about him.

Sure, neither do ALL Norwegians get FNC or The Fox News Channel. But, so what? Enough from many other news sources must also slip through censor, showing that once again The Peace Prize is being poorly awarded to those politically like-minded favored.

Hell, Obama constantly apologizing for America for every possible (real, perceived or imagined) wrong done since 1776 & capitulating to enemies every whichway possible (even remaming Islamic Terrorists to whatever) so as not to offend & appease even: "Avowed to Allah Stone Killers",...deserves no award whatsoever. I truly feel sorry for: "America's Finest" and/or The U.S. Military.

Eh? Maybe some-sort-of: Neville Chamberlain* Award would be more appropriate, if such even existed? Or,...maybe even some Booby Prize,...if: "Jack-in-the-box Nancy" Pelosi refused hers? Nancy must have a whole shelf full of such by now. So, why not let previously Barry Soetoro or now Barack Hussein Obama have the next one, anyway?

*In no way did I wish to disparage, demean or belittle the late Neville Chamberlain, nor his fine family. It's my understanding that he was a well-meaning man & was far from being a Power & Control Hungry Marxist.

The End