"...obviously EVEN make Bad Pimps"!
by N.R. Filidei (July 31, 2009 - commentary)

Heard-a-beaut this morning, and especially important & worth hearing by those STILL unfortunately not realizing that all current U.S. Government: "Take-Overs" or Nationalizations (now even targeting Medicine & Healthcare Industry), are actually WORST POSSIBLE DICTATES perpetrated on U.S. Citizen/Taxpayer...EVER. Pre-1776 British King, Lords & Governors weren't near as omnipotent ruling, ravaging & conquest of The Land and/or America oriented, in comparison.

The following is a little play-by-play of Your Government at Work which not usually like bandied-about. Hell, such realities are usually & quite purposefully kept TOTALLY-under-the-rug since even our current gods, kings or queens don't like being exposed,...for what truly are.

Regardless, some Conservative/Libertarian notable guest (don't recall name?) on: "Fox & Friends" recounted A VERY IMPORTANT & QUITE FACTUAL occurrence. Such should even wake up or open The Most Blinded by Officialdom Eyes. Such might even cause typically duped voters a chuckle or two, also?

"When The U.S. Government took over (not sure why?) The Mo$t Succe$$ful Brothel in Las Vegas and/or: "Mustang Ranch",...AMAZINGLY same U.S. Government ACTUALLY LOST MONEY & The Ranch went Out of Business in ONLY ONE YEAR"! The only nation on earth where such could happen, is: "ONLY IN AMERICA"!!!

Yeah, I know. It's hard to believe it possible loosing money with such. But, let US (both ways) hope that Our Current Czar & MANY mini-czars & czarinas don't do just as similarly to MANY other businesses in America, with their many: "Take-Overs" & Destruction of Jobs?

After all, most workers loosing their jobs or positions due absurd lordly dictates just cannot find new jobs or positions...as easily as Hookers can. Demands for Hookers are always greater than Supply.

Whatever,...doesn't this little touch of reality instead of what usually selectively dispensed by mainstream press/media at least sort-of-prove that America's typically Corrupt, Self/Clique-Serving ABOVE ALL ELSE & OTHERS (foreign nationals excluded) & basically Bad Officials,...obviously EVEN make Bad Pimps! For Shame.

Still, and just out of curiosity regarding our quite lordly generous (plus asinine): "Bail-Outs" for; "Fat Cats" & such,...will some of the 50-60 Million$ or so diverted from Endowment For Arts Billion$ for some Porno Flicks or porn entities,...also go to any out of work Hookers or just their Pimps? Hey,...I worry about all hard working women & such things.

The End