by N.R. Filidei (10/22/13 - commentary)

Any watching the show: "60 MINUTES" this week must now realize that any stupidly campaign contributing for electing both Representatives and Senators of U.S. Congress are obviously Just-Plain-$uckers at best.

Apparently vast sums of campaign funds collected aren't solely used for campaigning at all.

Laws were passed quite awhile back by our usually already quite wealthy lawmakers (BIPARTISAN) that certain vast amount of campaign contributions could be lavishly squandered as, however and whenever liked by Senators and Representatives.

If such rich: "Fat Cats" were working in a casino, such would be called big time; "Skimming".

However and since such Federal Public SERVANTS (Some Joke!!!) don't actually work at all, let's just call such misuse of large accumulations of campaign contributions as a helpful: "Slush Fund for Needy Elected Millionaires".

Amazing,..isn't it?

America's lawmakers have secretly and bipartisanly made laws making it legal to misuse campaign funds.

Plus, these same lawmakers have the audacity to accuse other governments of being corrupt.

What Hypocrites!

The End