"Pure (eh?) Political Genius"
by N.R. Filidei (11/18/08 - commentary)

Whether liking the outcome or not of this latest 2008 Election, credit must certainly be given where credit is due. Not only did Obama successfully pull-off the largest scale Buying of Votes in American History, he did so quite slickly and/or by sliding such past most everyones unsuspecting noses.

NO-NO-NO,...wasn't alluding to the MANY multiple & Illegal Voter Registrations exposed and in turn those not discovered no doubt causing MANY Illegal Votes to be counted. Such Vote Purchases through ACORN and other Covert Political Organizations or even vast amount of Foreign Contributions to The Obama Campaign War Chest were generally inconsequential & pretty-much came to chump-change.

Am differently referring to Barack's quite socialistic promise to: "Share The Wealth" and/or Taxes Collected with about 40% of all Americans and/or the entire Nation's population of NON-Taxpaying People (Illegal Aliens inclusive).

Slice it & dice it anyway liked, but promising NON-Taxpayers (those on Welfare or Workers deemed earning below The Poverty Level) YEARLY BONUSES for either remaining On Welfare & NOT Working or choosing NOT advancing selves to Taxpaying Levels,...unarguably was/is Pure (eh?) Political Genius.

Gee! Just take a wild guess whom such a large multitude of newly registered voters (legal or not) opted voting for? Any of that 40% would of had to be idiots to not vote for Obama. It's only natural voting for whom promises the most,...and especially for NOT Working.

Still, it must be more than just-a-tad-bit disgusting to America's remaining 60% and/or The Taxpayer whom will eventually be politically ripped-off by Barack's: "Share The Wealth" and/or TRULY BIG TIME Socialistic Vote Buying Ploy? Even more disgusting is that neither Obama nor any of his clique can be charged or prosecuted for such an obviously blatant Vote Buying Scam.

Absolutely Beautiful! Buying oneself A U.S. Presidency from: "We The (Schnooks)" and/or U.S. Taxpayer Monies! If were still alive, Old P.T. Barnum would no doubt be proud.

Typically: "There's a sucker born every minute" in America for slick & smooth politicians to dupe aside, there's actually not very much else known (or permitted being known) about America's new President Elect & next Wartime Commander-In-Chief and/or Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr.

Also, how come Obama's QUITE SUSPECT (Most Suspect in American History) background, longtime troubling friendships, ties & affiliations and mention of his two Muslim Families (1) Kenyan & (1) Indonesian), Muslim Madrassa Schooling and even born middle name of Hussein are all both politically & journalistically decreed Tabu mentioning? Why is that? Do Politics & Politicians NOW even trump Our National Security & EVEN Wartime Survival?

Many Americans (no doubt U.S. Military inclusive) most certainly deserve some answers to the above questions. After all, don't believe that Top Secret Clearances by The FBI should AUTOMATICALLY be given to ANY POLITICIAN. Hell,...realistically more is officially known about: "Joe The Plumber" than was ever publicly disclosed about that famous ACORN: "Community Organizer" and/or; "Cool" & well spoken BHO.

The End