Political Hypocrites Are the Worst
by N.R. Filidei (October 1, 2011 - commentary)

Granted, the very wealthy authoritarian people of power & control On Public Dole doing and acting one way usually Demand that Most All Others (re. those Not lordly connected, affiliated or $upportive) do or act quite differently.

Even so,...expecting the vast majority to solely: "Tighten (THEIR) Belts" & "Share (THEIR) Wealth" is truly absurd. Unfortunately, such big brother demands & oftentimes dictatorial policies are witnessed most each & every day. We sure live in troubling times.

It's also sad common knowledge that such lordly hypocrites pretty-much dictate most all else or usually what rest of We Americans must do (or not).
Even though we're still unarguably: "The Home of The Brave",... that other great part or: "The Land of The Free" is actually quite passe'.
We Americans are generally or just as Free to do as We Are Told.

Regardless and in fairness, none of such hypocrites alluded to can or will ever top that most obviously Arrogant & Audacious Democrat/ACORN Community Organizer & Perpetual Campaigner and/or President Barack Hussein Obama II or Junior, in blatant lordly gall & hypocrisy (family & background secretiveness also).

Since most his earlier years & background were largely kept secret & quite some pre-election (also post-election) mystery, how could We The People have known just how badly He would encourage the Quite Endless Squandering of MY/YOUR/OUR Money,...as if there were no tomorrow?
He's unarguably the biggest sport in history EVER,...with American People's Money!

Whatever & while AT MINIMUM spending Half his Working Hours with golf, basketball, LAVISH parties, many LAVISH vacationings as if some Arab Sheik or Great Potentate, and many, many LAVISH Dem Campaign trips (In under 3 yrs he has logged-in more miles than Emilia Earhart, just for campaigning).
Quite amazingly that Barry H.S. or Barack H.O. has gotten even more arrogant, superior or lordly-supremacist in less than only 3 years.

Yep, folks. That latest: "PEOPLE GETTING SOFT" pontification by; "His Barackness" clinches it. Such a hypocritical gall coming down from Mount Olympus,...truly: "Takes The Cake"!

Besides, doesn't that pompous: "PEOPLE GETTING SOFT" lordly dig seem just like what Old Soviet Leaders or other hypocrites of the past might've said to their Discontented (due starvation plus) Russian Citizens,...for many similarly ABYSMAL & FAILED Marxist 5, 10 & 15 year Policies or Plans? Such sure-as-hell-seems-so,to me.

In fact,...if similar socialist, marxist or communist dictates NEVER WORKED for Russia,...why So-Damn-Stupidly & Stubbornly keep on DICTATING such here???

Have You Green is Good, Oil is Bad (not Brazilian or Saudi oil) & basically Marxist/Socialist/Progressive/Democrats & obviously Economy Destroying Political Supremacists,...All Gone NUTS???
Every day such more & more seems so.

Still, it is just too bad for all We Americans,...in that The Election isn't tomorrow. An awful lot of votes (even many illegal votes) Can Be Bought between now and November of next year,...just as many were exposed, documented & proved in court during America's last corrupt presidentional election.

The End