Lordly Cuckoos, Popinjays or Vultures?
by N.R. Filidei (4/2/07 - commentary)

Sure, politics and politicians not near as deadly as religions and prelates have proved themselves being for mankind. That's a given since more people on earth have been slaughtered in The Name of God, Allah or whomever, than have ever been during all the political conflicts or wars in history.

Still, when it comes to largest of scale deceits or mass population con-jobs perpetrated by SCHNOORERS (loosely defined: Those doing quite well from the labors of others), career-politicians TRULY Take The Cake. Hell,...religious leaders can only wish they too had such overall power & control over their followers, and access to "Their" vast riches.

Regardless, actually doesn't matter which Party, Political Bent or Ideology Rules Supreme over us all,...or for:"We The (Schnooks)" and/or The U.S. Taxpayer WHOM ALWAYS get the short end of the stick. Such just NEVER SO for Our Ruling Elite and/or governments (Local, State & Federal), Minorities (ethnic, racial & others), and even MANY MILLIONS of: "Criminally Illegal Aliens". It's sadly always just the average U.S. Citizen WHOM ALWAYS get screwed.

Thus, and since politics certainly of no help whatsoever to society, believe that: "We The People" would be infinitely Better (more honestly also) Served by career-Lobbyists, lobbying for The People INSTEAD of America's many industries. Such would no doubt prove much less expensive and therefore much more cost-effective for We The Shareholders of America.

And besides, if many corporations have faired infinitely better from: "Downsizing" a bloated, non-efficient and quite suspect managerial force to a smaller, much more efficient and trustworthy one,...why not do same for the largest corporation on earth and/or The United States of America? Isn't it about time that We The American Citizenry ALSO saw some returns from our investments and/or taxes?

Also, and as a further dividend: "For The People", differently tested and qualified for such managerial jobs (highest to lowest echelon) can be fired or jailed (depending) instantly, if not delivering or as promised and expected. Plus, would no longer be any need for waiting 2, 4 or 6 years to replace one set of incompetent lords with another, whom have proved having only a good competency at campaigning and raising lots of money for future promised favors, also.

Hey,...produce QUICKLY for: "We The People" and/or those Paying You Handsomely (re. Fine Salaries, Travel Expenses and Best Benefits, Medical & Retirement Packages known mankind),...or: "Hit the road (in chains or not) Jack".

Screw all those perpetual self and clique and preferential favoritism nonsenses like being more so concerned about foreign nationals (here legally or otherwise) and also the betterment and increa$ed well being of many Large Drug Companies, OVER THE WELL BEING of The American Citizenry, ...just to mention a few.

Furthermore, and as to why favoring qualified and tested Managers representing me any-day-of-the-week over politicians whom don't even have to prove can add 2 + 2 for jobs, is the total disbelief that any people I future paid for would have near the gall daily displayed by today's The Political Breed of Self/Clique-Servers ALONE,...do.

No such Sane Working Managers as preferred would dare publicly DECREE IT ILLEGAL for Americans in need of Drugs or Medications for their very Survival,...purchasing same for about ONE QUARTER (or less) THE COST from Canada or Mexico. Whereas politicians have no such qualms. Such being truly ironic (quite amazing also) since most all drugs alluded to are actually produced right here in The USA, and many specifically here in my home state of New Jersey.

Even more amazing (disgusting also) to me were some dollars and cents disclosures, during a segment of last night's: "60 Minutes" expose'. Was truly a beauty showing how Our Wonderful & All Caring(?) Political Leaders, Rulers, Representatives(?) or whatever daily stuff-it to The American People,...while simultaneously garnering Great Personal Rewards for themselves and backers. Truly despicable, at best.

If memory served correctly, believe about 15 negotiators or cohorts with The Pharmaceutical Giants for passage of latest comprehensive Drug Plan,...now have quite lucrative and well paying jobs with same same Drug Companies championed. One such oath-taker to The People hired at TWO MILLION ($2,000,000.) yearly. Not sure about the others? But, you can bet-your-bippy,...such also not hired for chump-change.

Here's a little more to cheer-up the consumers of America's Quite Politically-Inflated Drug Market, for even GREATER WINDFALL PROFITS for The Drug Industry. WOW!!!,...these price-gougers even worse than The Big Oil Barons, Sheiks and/or Price Manipulators in collusion and in general, are!

Whatever, check-out these disparities showing just how well The New Drug Plan was politically: "NEGOTIATED"; "For The People". Yeah, sure?

Yearly Supply..........Medicare cost.........Veterans Affairs (VA) cost

...LIPITOR.................$785 .............................$520


"The-the-the-That's (NOT) All Folks",...if not already bad enough.
But, you can also bet-your-bippy again that such OUTRAGEOUS DRUG COSTS are even much worse for MEDICAID. After all, Medicaid and/or Medical Coverage for The Indigent are TOTALLY FUNDED by The U.S. Taxpayer. No premiums collected for, No Supplemental Insurer premiums collected for, and don't even have to wait for retirement to receive such benefits. Available at birth.

Wonder how The Politicians forgot all about disclosing that part of The Big Public Drug Rip-off? I sure-as-hell-didn't.

The End