Important PRE-Election Questions
by N.R. Filidei (11/1/10 - commentary)

1. Why is it that when about 90% of all Blacks & Hispanics (Illegals also) automatically vote for fellow Blacks & Hispanics against Whites,...such is always explained away or excused as people having Great Racial & Ethnic Pride.

"Black Power", "Viva la Raza" & such obvious displays of racism are rarely (if ever) denounced as Racist or Supremacist, and matters not what color such perps actually are.

2. Whereas, any Whites or Anglos openly showing that preferring to vote for fellow Whites OVER Blacks or Hispanics,...are automatically decreed to be RACISTS "Crackers" or worse!

Why is that? Why does such an obviously DARK LORDLY SUPERIORITY or DARK DICTATORIAL DOUBLE STANDARD now exist in America?

Why won't DOJ prosecute Dark Skinned Criminals, whether in Arizona, on The Southern Border or anywhere in USA...and even despicably threatening people at voting places?

Nowadays Whites preferring Return to Liberty & Freedom are even decreed: "Anti-Government".
Another typically Electorate Divisive Tactic is labelling such American Patriots as: "Nazis".

Damn! Just what will it take for most Americans to FINALLY WAKE UP

Sure hope at least by tomorrow, Nov. 2, 2010 most Americans will realize the obvious, and/or that tyranny doesn't always come at gunpoint as did for Old Germans & Soviets?

Besides, America just cannot handle MUCH MORE DICTATORIAL: "Change" FOR THE WORSE!!!

The End