Pre School Justices
by N.R. Filidei (6/25/12 - commentary)

Granted, High or Supreme Court majority opinions worldwide rarely ever please everyone.

Basically, such Political Appointees usually try pleasing their party and those in Power & Control having appointed them, more so than any others.

Such high decisions are pretty-much decided similarly here today in America, just as were even in Hitler's Germany way-back-when. Fortunately our ideologies and courts obviously faired better for We Americans, than such did for those old Germans .

Regardless, and even by worst possible judicial perversions of logic, common sense, laws and national constitutions EVER,...yesterday's majority opinion by The United States Supreme Court does truly-take-the-cake or boggles the mind.

Yeah, sure. Any low-life deceivers caught FALSELY CLAIMING to have been awarded The Medal of Honor or any other Combat Decoration for that matter, are merely just guilty of: "Expressing Free Speech"??? What Utter Nonsense!!!

I know: "The Law is Blind". But REALLY, folks???

Are most Supremes on coke, Mary Jane, Loco Weed or something?

Hell. Even little kindergarten tykes know that DECEPTIVELY & FALSELY CLAIMING CREDIT for good grades of others, worthwhile accomplishments of others and Greatest Possible Service to Country as others, has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with: "FREE SPEECH".

Betcha that even their kindergarten teachers are infinitely much wiser and realize that lying is lying, is lying. Nothing more, nothing less, and most certainly nothing that should ever be protected as Free Speech.

Besides, what-on-earth made a majority of Supreme Court Justices even consider such an overall insulting, demeaning and belittling perversion of HARD EARNED Combat Decorations by MANY having Served Exceptionally Honorable, which no doubt would cause such Veterans to riot?

What's next?

Will U.S. Supreme Court cavalierly decree that the old: "Insighting (by civilians) to riot" or a definite constitutional NO-NO will now ALSO Quite Asininely be changed and to be accepted as: "Free Speech"?

The End