What: "PROGRESSIVE" Hypocrites!!!
by N.R. Filidei (November 27, 2009 - commentary)

Never mind that factual reality that America's Communist Party once referred to selves deceptively & duplicitously as: "Progressives" instead. If it pompously struts like A Progressive, pontificates like A Progressive & lordly dictates like A Progressive,...it or "They" certainly are not ducks nor even near being Representative of: "We The People". Unfortunately for all We Americans, such is currently & sadly proved most each & every day.

Current leaders concertedly act as if WE ACTUALLY WORK FOR & SERVE THEM.

Though, isn't it truly amazing how America's current Leaders (realistically now Rulers) constantly divert attention away from selves, by blaming others for similar transgressions. Making such-a-big-deal about similarly corrupt governances & voting systems of Afghanistan & Iran,...are both great diversionary tactic examples. What: "PROGRESSIVE" Hypocrites!!!

Realistically, ever hear much about SO MANY multiple Voting Irregularities & Voter Fraud Indictments in Afghanistan & Iran?

If did (?), THERE TOO (just as in America) no doubt such would be just as cavalierly shrugged-off & well kept from The Public, by both politicos & their rubber-stampingly supportive press.

Also, ever hear about Vote Buying in Afghanistan or Iran (?),...such as recently has EVEN BECOME MORE PREVELENT in America THAN EVER BEFORE.

Hey,...by now only idiots don't realize that Obama & rest of Corrupt Marxist Chicago Political Machine now gone National & International quite shrewdly bought themselves a U.S. Presidency, basically with MY/YOUR/OUR and/or U.S. Taxpayer Monies. "Sharing The Wealth" isn't anything new.

Such actually started with Marxist-like campaign promises of gifting A Multitude of the poorest American Voters tons of MY/YOUR/OUR Monies, if Voting for Obama. WOW!!! Whoever first stupidly stated that: "Buying votes is illegal in America"? That's an obvious flat-out-lie.

Well, and as they say,..."That's just water under the bridge" and also quite unfortunate for; "We The (Schnook$)". Soooooooooo,...let's get more up-to-date regarding our current Lordly Arrogant Dictatorial Clique run amuck,...and all such pretty-much throwing U.S. Taxpayer Monies around like Mega Lottery Winners, Billionaires or Arab Sheiks.

Still, and Blood Pressure-wise, I think it wise if stopped watching FNC or The Fox News Channel. Sort-of-medically-speaking, maybe it might be better if Politically-Correct (epitome of an oxymoron) news venues were watched instead?

Differently than usual getting my news sanitized, censored or basically: "Need-to-know" as many other Americans normally do, maybe I too will be just as contented about being Lorded Over as the rest of the: "Ignorance is bliss" Crowd obviously much prefer? Apparently many Americans just love being led-by-the-nose...by their Quite Lordly Sanctimonious Betters.

Regardless, yesterday hearing some U.S. Leader quite pridefully saying that he got: "100 MILLION DOLLAR" Pay-off from MY/YOUR/OUR Monies, just for caving-in & voting to insure: "The Public Option" be part of America's Health Care Nationalization, should arouse great overall disgust. Doesn't matter what news source reported about just another of MANY Governmental Take-Overs. They all stink to high heaven.

Here's another beauty in The Overall Disgust Over NON-Representation Department norm. Another U.S. Lordly Leader EVEN MORE PRIDEFULLY admitted that she shrewdly held out for a: "300 MILLION DOLLAR" Pay-off from MY/YOUR/OUR Monies,...for similarly insuring that: "The Public Option" could better become The Law of The Land.

Just when-the-hell will these blatant Big Brother governmental corruptness & dictates ever end?
Besides, aren't all such Senatorial & Congressional: "Pork Pay-offs" quite UN-Constitutionally Obscene, anyway?

Whatever, let's not just blame America's obviously governmentally orchestrated demise SOLELY on career Ruling Elite or Pompous Charlatans, whom in all likelihood couldn't even run a Hot Dog Stand profitably, without being Bailed-Out by U.S. Taxpayer Funds. The Mainstream Press/Media in general are just as culpable at keeping The American People IGNORANT & BLISSFUL.

Guess Journalism Schools now also have classes on: "How to keep the natives from getting restless",...just in case any are ever appointed as White House Press Secretaries? Betcha that only Journalism Valedictorians qualify for daily BS'n an entire nation, on a daily basis. Getting away with continually lying in public on a daily basis,...just is not that easy.

Official Honesty being quite rare from those reporting about what daily now despicably befalling America in SO-MANY-DAMN areas of the economy & government policies aside, this is some of the blase' type reporting one typically hears these days. "Well, that's just the way it is, was & will always be, in Washington, DC". "Get used to it".

OH REALLY!!!...all you Supposedly Astute(?): "In-the-tank" JOURNALIST TURKIES or HACKS!
Cut out that standard kissing-up-to & capitulating to Big Brother wishes for-a-change, and check out The U.S. Constitution, Official Oaths of Office and other of Our Forefathers' wise words.

You might notice that Liberty & Freedom just don't mix well with Our Current Socialism, Marxism & Tyranny? Much less Political Bull & more so Honesty instead,...couldn't hurt either.

The End