RACIST Voter ID Ploy
by N.R. Filidei (7/13/12 - commentary)

If requiring photo identifications prior to driving, flying, entering federal buildings and even being medically treated by doctors and at hospital is the norm for all American Citizens and obviously NOT RACIST in any way, shape or form,...how come So Many now in Power & Control quite adamently (QUITE FALSELY also) insist that those now requiring voters show proper photo IDs prior to voting...ARE RACISTS???

Do those actually TRUE Racists or perpetual or career: "Race card players" deceivingly calling all others: "Racists" instead, really depend or count on Bogus & Illegal Votes for staying in power...THAT MUCH?!?!?!

IT MUST BE SO since all such just keep harping the very same tune over and over, even though so obviously false and overall Intelligence Insulting!


The End