"The Rangle Rule "
by N.R. Filidei (September 5, 2009 - commentary)

Heard one-helluva-beaut for LEGITIMATE Americans wisely & sensibly saving Big Bucks this morning. Such was heard on: "Most Watched News Channel in America" FNC or The Fox News Channel & rarity of press/media giving BOTH sides of Important, Contested & Controversial Matters & Issues,...such as LONG AGO ALL press & journalists USED TO DO.

I previously emphasized: "LEGITIMATE Americans" since MANY MILLIONS of Illegals and/or Criminally Illegal Aliens here (many U.S. Officials & Congress inclusive),....obviously NEED NEVER concern selves about being law-abiding or being financially penalized over ANYTHING.

Whatever, it's in the absurd vein of all We Americans BEING EQUAL (Yeah, sure????????) that an obvious Lordy Dispensation WAS/IS AGAIN being perpetrated. Though, Rangle isn't the first and most certainly won't be the last American Lord to be preferentially IRS treated, by not having to pay LONGTIME ACCRUED Fines & Penalties for not paying Large Back Taxes.

Regardless, shouldn't: "What's Good for The Goose (re. Senator or Lord Charlie Rangle & other lords) be Good for The Gander (re. "We The (Schnook$)" or Peasants)?

Thus, and apparently in that very same context, it was suggested on Fox that any Americans owing Back Taxes send in what INITIALLY OWED to The IRS, as soon as possible after being discovered. Regarding LONGTIME ACCRUED Fines & Penalties for such, basically screw them or forget about them as many government officials & now Rangle typically do/did.

If concerned about IRS not being all that understanding, merely declare: "The Rangle Rule" when sending in your Back Taxes. Such obviously already worked quite well for OTHER Officialdom Tax Evaders, previously.

Besides,...Why Not Also Today? Isn't America STILL supposed to be a: "Fair & Equal" place? Then too, I thought that 1776 initially ended all that Royal Minority Rule POLITICAL SUPREMACY nonsense here, anyway? Wha-hoppened: "Pilgrims"?

The End