"The REAL Obama"
by N.R. Filidei (October 23, 2012 - commentary)

Fortunately for America, many millions of previously duped/deceived/suckered supporters and voters finally got to see The REAL Obama for-a-change.

His mean and quite scowling looking at Romney during most of last night's debate and general pettiness exposed the TRUE Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr.

His typical phoniness of being sincere, calm, cool and collected pretty-much fell apart when Mitt Romney dared question: "The Dems' Messiah", "ACORN's Top Gun Community Organizer" or "His Barackness" and how many Brits adoringly refer to America's first would be king.

Still and in fairness, one must at least sort-of feel sorry for America's first cool king. Last night most certainly wasn't what Barry or Barack had become accustomed to for the last 4 years or so.

No one ever dared question whatever came out of either side of his mouth, before.

Obama must be thinking: "What's this world coming to"?, "How dare mere mortals question me"? or; "Can Eric Holder or IRS punish this rich capitalist upstart on taxes or something"?

The End