Reasonable Questions
by N.R. Filidei (6/25/12 - commentary)

Since so many American Families of all ethnicities in this largely Immigrant Nation had to wait 5-10-15 (OR EVEN MORE!) years on a quota to immigrate here,...don't even ethnic Spanish or Hispanic-Americans ALSO resent the many millions of their same ethnicity from Central & South America longtime ILEGALLY JUMPING TO HEAD of The Immigration Quota Line, OVER millions of LEGITIMATE Immigrants wishing to legally come to America?

Betcha that most ethnic Spanish or Hispanic-Americans LEGITIMATELY here would actually riot if someone tried jumping ahead of them at some mere banking line. Likely scream bloody murder at some hot dog or taco line jumpers, also.

Besides, why on earth would any rulers so Stupidly NEVER secure their borders and both Encourage and Permit Quicker and Much Speedier Immigration for Criminally Illegal Aliens, anyway?

Why quite stupidly preferential make LEGITIMATE IMMIGRATION Much More Difficult for people?

Is America largely ruled and press informed by Bipartisan World Welfare State proponents whom could care less about HOW they Get More Votes Wanted, mainly for attaining or retaining POWER & CONTROL OVER America & Americans?

Sadly most worldwide must be laughing at America more so than usual, and quite rightfully so.

After all,...where else on earth do ruling elite continually and foolishly apologize and pander to foreign leaders (enemies inclusive) and foreign nationals (Illegals or not),...instead of to their very own Subjects, People, Tax Payers and/or We The U.S. Citizenry?

The answer is NOWHERE else, which is just as well.

Even historically, no other people on earth Not Threatened at Gunpoint (as did Hitler, Stalin, Mao & such), would have ever put up with such absurd biased and preferential pro government and anti-citizenry policies, in a million years.

USA is most certainly (quite strangely also) different.


The End