Typical RICO Style Defense
by N.R. Filidei (5/23/09 - commentary)

Initially wide-eyed awstruck feigning shocked disbelief as some angelic cherub caught red-handed in a cookie jar, orrrrrrrrrrrr as some little hooker caught riffling through her: "John's" wallet after the fact/act,...was actually quite revealing (to say the least).

Betcha that even many: "Democrat/Socialist/Leftist Political Supremacist Rulers posing as Liberal Representatives" were also quite surpised hearing their basically Dominatrix's incoherrant ramblings, and especially since most all such alluded to never have much else offering We Americans...other than just EXTREMELY COSTLY: "Pie-in-the-sky" words anyway.

Regardless, the previous pretty-much depicts how Democrat Congressional Majority Leader & Third in Command of America's Troops (The People also) and/or Rep. Nancy Pelosi came across during The Pelosi vs. CIA Criminal Episode. "Jack-in-box Nancy-Schmancy" (re: an adnauseam: "Yipee" & "We Won" cheerleading display during Obama's addressing U.S. Congress) surely blew-her-cover during Her Press Conference.

So Despicably & Quite Criminally Attacking The CIA as: "LIARS to The U.S. Congress" most certainly wasn't one of finest moments,...to say the least. Even cool & slick President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. must have cringed?

After so diverting blame on CIA for her obviously Very Own Criminal Malfeasance of Office & Lying, she later had the unmitigated gall or AUDACITY to basically: "Take The Fifth" with room full of questioning reporters. So much for that GREATLY SELECTIVE Democrat: "Transparency" repeatedly touted?

Basically, if anything standardly trashes & bashes Bush...that's A GOOD: "Transparency". If not & might actually expose Dems' TRUE INTENTS,...either:"Take The Fifth", change the subject or just laughingly deny, deny & deny (as usual).

Still, and in fairness to all such type phonies, guess there's really not all that much of a difference between the Conspiratorial Official Democrat Mob & Regular Mob, Organization or Mafia?

Whichever type conspiratorial type enterprise thriving Better than Most Off The Backs of Consumers/Taxpayers, all such usually: "Stick together like birds of a feather" & "All That Jazz",...plus quite typically say: "Under The Fifth Amendment I refuse answering since might be incriminating".

So then, and since: "Waterboarding" no longer permitted EVEN FOR typical beheaders of Infidel Captives by Muslim Mass-Murderers,...I would suggest such Suspect of Power Abusing Officials be hooked up to a polygraph prior to either addressing: "We The ($chnook$)" and/or The U.S. Taxpayer or questionings from press. Same hook-up during campaignings (plus High Voltage jolts for lying),...couldn't hurt either.

If proved Honest,...GREAT! If not,...quickly prosecute & jail those shocked.
NO PEOPLE should ever accept being Ruled by Dishonest Power & Control Freaks, anyway.
Shock The Perps,...not The People.

The End