Just Go For the Righteous Kill
by N.R. Filidei (11/20/12 - commentary)

Even though most with voice apparently believe that a ceasefire or truce between Israelis and longtime attackers or Mass-Murderous Muslim Hamas Terrorists of Gaza is much preferred, I most certainly DO NOT.

I so state, since without Guarantees from Hamas or Iran to no longer target and murder defenseless Israeli men, women and children (babies also) as both have despicably done for many years and are still trying to do now,...the much more superior Jewish Military would be just-plain-stupid agreeing to any ceasefire now.

Besides, easing up on a fanatically mass-murderous enemy is just-plain-stupid.

Just invade and clean-out all Hamas Terrorists constantly attacking from right next door,...once and for all. There's no negotiating with people: "Sworn to Allah to Kill & Destroy You".

Don't give those longtime Infidel Haters always trying to kill as many Israelis as possible, an obvious reprieve with another never kept truce or ceasefire. All know that Iran and their surrogate Hamas can ever be trusted to honor any truces, anyway

Also, don't naively let Hamas regroup, rearm and get Even More and Much Better Rockets & Missiles for killing Jews from like-minded friends and the infinitely much larger Muslim Terrorist Nation of Iran.

Then too, wouldn't Now allowing Israel's Constant Attackers time to reorganize, rearm and replenish massive mortar, rocket and missile batteries in Gaza...be more nationally-suicidal than normally was before?

After all, no one should stupidly expect Iran not to re-supply their Similarly Fanatically-Suicidal Friends Hamas with dirty bombs, nuclear enriched or nuclear weapons as soon as such are available, FOREVER!

That: "Iron Dome" defense that Israelis have is very good, but isn't 100% Accurate.
If only one nuke slips through that missile shield folks, it won't make for a very nice picture.

Therefore and if believing having such typically Fanatical Muslim Suicide Bombers on the ropes, just go for the kill. Don't stupidly ease up and negotiate with devious: "Sworn to Allah Infidel Killers", as unwisely and too often done before. Such solely helps the enemy.

Let the pompous UN Politicos discuss and debate your Great Victory over Evil and Sane Protection of all Israeli men, women and children (babies also), afterwards.

Whatever, don't absurdly turn an obviously hard fought victory into a stalemate or waste of Brave Warrior Lives & Limbs, such as The United States quite stupidly did with North Korea about 59 years ago.

[b]North Korea is actually a Bigger Threat to America & World Peace TODAY than it ever was, for any of you still foolishly insisting that Enemies of Humanity must be negotiated with...rather than just Sensibly Attacked & Destroyed, as last done in WWII!

Don't just study history. Learn from history.

Just as ceasefire and truce with North Korea made them even bolder and more of a threat to world peace than ever before, same-o, same-o will occur with Hamas or Iran if Israelis and America unwisely please and accomadate both Terrorist Regimes with truces or ceasefires.

Sad but true.

The End