Are Russian People and Press More Free?
by N.R. Filidei (11/29/12
- commentary)

Being that Pravda Opinions, Putin and other old Russian biggies openly state that Prez Obama is no doubt the shrewdest communist to ever rule over any country due reality that most Americans don't even dare call their faux-liberal king a communist (not even a socialist or marxist either),...such does raise some very serious questioning.

Are Russian People and their press That Much More Free (wiser also) when expressing opinions, than America's Quite selectively informing mainstream press/media and we usually Quite selectively misinformed Americans usually are?

It sure seems so. If anything might make: "His Barackness" & cohorts look deceptive, inept or just-plain-stupid (???), such dare never be stated or printed. Basically, any blaspheming Dems' or Leftists': "Messiah" will be quite viciously and vehemently called: "Racists".

That's not just some conjecture. That's an actual fact. Just don't mock Big Brother.

Besides and after finally having some Freedom, Liberty & Capitalism. would Russian People even stupidly put up with any Big Brother style dictates,...Ever Again?

I don't think so, since about 70 years of obvious Socialist, Progressive, Leftist, Marxist and/or Communist Dictatorial FAILURES,...should make even the most ignorantly naive of Russians think twice about stupidly and sheepishly accepting dictates, Ever Again!

Naturally Power & Control Hungry Ruling Elite everywhere (now in America also) always prefer all dictatorial type rulings over people, as alluded to above. Being Lords & Ladies is always much better than being lowly Commoners or Subjects of "Their" Realm or "Their" Regime.

Besides, don't all ruling elite always know what's best for We Mere Peasants, anyway?

If one can actually believe all millionaires & multi-millionaires of government & press ruling us and informing America As "They" Alone See Fit and quite oxymoronically Politically-Correct (Never mind what The People sensibly need, want or prefer.), most certainly seems so.

It's alright for Muslim Nations worldwide to be so obviously governed that way. Who Cares???

Regardless,...let's all hope that America doesn't get further destroyed from within!

The End