Most Sensible 10% Solution
by N.R. Filidei (February 15, 2011 - commentary)

Granted, non can ever Honestly state that comparative new kid on the block or USA historically spent & now spends MY/YOUR/OUR and/or The People's Money frugally, sensibly & pragmatically. People differently insisting so are flat-out-liars & intelligence insulting.

"Louisiana Purchase" & "Seward's Folly" for Alaska are only well spent money exceptions coming to mind.

Plus, some European financial institutions (even roofs) are TWICE as old as America's financial entities.

Whatever, and since so many European nationals are just as (if not more so?) dictatorially screwed-over by wealthy PROGRESSIVES or what Leftist/Socialist/Marxist or Communist ruling elite prefer calling selves these days,...why not try: "Most Sensible 10% Solution" of cutting government salaries, for making both America & Europe financially sound again?

And besides, what's wrong with proposing 10% Salary Cuts for the largest & most overall Highest Paid Corporate People in World (re: Governments, Administrations, Departments, Agencies, Tax Collectors & Employees), anyway?

Such makes a-helluva-lot-more-sense than lumping both PREMIUM PAID FOR Social Security & Medicare together with FREE for destitute or Totally U.S. Taxpayer Paid For MEDICAID, for the chopping block.

In fact, here alone in America the obvious Great Savings by only 10% government salary & benefit slashings should prove QUITE ASTRONOMICAL, For The People.

Whereas any such financial losses for wealthier Public Sector Workers & Millionaire, Multi-Millionaire & even some Billionaire Officials will be basically negligible, if even actually missed(?).

After all, Public Sector workers average about 50% more than Private Sector workers & receive The Very Best or: "Cadillac" medical coverage, benefits & retirement packages that We U.S. Taxpayers are ALSO Forced Paying For.

How come "They" & other Preferential Americans need not be covered by: "Obamacare"???

Regardless, the following are some good examples of why 10% Salary Cuts for the most affluent & better class of Americans in government jobs & positions (highest to lowest), are the right way to go.

Don't believe average $40 or so thou a year earning Private Sector types will think it too rough & tough for Multi-Millionaire: "His Barackness", if his $400,000 yearly salary is cut by 10% ($40,000) to a piddlin $360,000? Same 10% cut is suggested for congressional & public sector officials & workers, & their budgets & pensions also.

Also, does anyone seriously believe that Multi-Millionaire Barry H.S. or Barack H.O.'s $193,300 yearly pension being cut by $19,330 to $173,970 will be a great hardship?

Not likely whatsoever. Betcha between Barack's President, U.S. Senate & Harvard pensions & Michelle's pension(s?) that most mere mortals would kill to receive, that $19,330 returned to those paying it (re. The American People), such chump-change won't even be missed one iota by such exceptionally wealthy retirees.

Obama will no doubt get just as many rounds of golf in EVERY WEEK during his retirement, as he did when Theoretically or Supposedly...was Working Hard & Tirelessly for American People (tee-hee & some joke).

However, and with First Lady Michelle Obama, it gets a little sticky when suggesting the 10% cutting of salaries for ALL her White House Staff, Social Directors, Servants, Hair Dressers, Beekeepers & other ladies (men also) in waiting or large entourage at her beck & call.

I think REAL workers & servants & not just typical snobs & above it all Hangers On or Groupies,...are 100% worth every penny they can get for daily putting up with such godly arrogant or audacious types.

But then,...Hey!
Every dollar we can get back from & returned to: "We The (Schnook$)", Peasants, Rabble, Subjects and/or We Longtime U.S. Taxpaying: "Mark$" or Sucker$ for ideologue zealots, really count & are truly appreciated.

Besides, why should all American children & grandchildren be saddled with & pay dearly for the quite lordly asinine or stupidly generous Politically-Correct (an oxymoron) folly of: "Share The Wealth" WORLDWIDE dictates in perpetuity, anyway?

Hell,...maybe that 10% yearly salary cut suggested for most well-off of Americans in general will work better on The Deficit than any could even imagine? "Try it,...You'll like it".

Hell, just do the math. Governments & People that spend less, owe less. Simple enough: "Pilgrims"?

The End