"Mindless Nuts" or Just Big Shareholders??
by N.R. Filidei (7/26/12 - commentary)

According to Reuters news agency, Navy Secretary Ray Maybus recently stated that: "Great Green Fleet" group demonstration; "Proved that green fuels blend, while about FOUR TIMES MORE COSTLY per gallon than conventional fuels, was safe and effective in combat situations".

WOW!!! & Whoop-Whoopy-do all you suckers and/or U.S. Taxpayers forced paying $26 per gallon for Vast Amounts of Biofuels for U.S. Navy,...which proved working No Better whatsoever than conventional fuels costing less than $4 a gallon. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Are those bosses (actually dictators) of admirals and generals constantly advocating/proposing (actually dictating) that very costly Green Fuels be used instead of much less expensive Fossil Fuels all just overly generous with MY/YOUR/OUR money Mindless Nuts?

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrr could it be that all those in power always promoting such obviously wa$teful absurdities on We Taxpayers were/are usually gifted or bribed (some families inclusive) with lots of shares in Green Industries, by SO MANY Quite Purposefully Generou$ Lobbyi$t$?

TRULY want to fix America and make us once again secure, fair, equal, most fiscally sound, safest and most respected nation on earth as before,...for a TRUE: "Change"?

Well then just ban all lobbying and severely punish any and all in power not honoring their promisses and oaths taken TO: "We The People" (not to lobbyists), and also for upholding the U.S. Constitution.

Such won't fix everything now ailing America. But,...such would be a-damn-good start.


The End