Corporate/Government Thieves, Shills or Swindlers???
by N.R. Filidei (3/16/09 - commentary)

Don't apolitical and/or much more open-minded Americans find it absolutely OUTRAGEOUS that MANY BILLION$ of U.S. Taxpayer Monies & Securities (much not even printed yet) are being dispersed as if Monopoly Money? Same vast sums STILL being handled by many of the VERY SAME Regulatory Officials KNOWN permitting America's Financial/Economic: "Melt-down" in the first place,...most certainly not all that Very Nationally Bright either.

Regardless, and A Public obviously having become accustomed caving-into even the most absurd & quite preferentially-selective of such Lordly Dictates aside, when will these: "Big Brother Government ALWAYS KNOWS BEST" Dictates ever end? When America runs out of 100% Rag paper & green & black printing ink?

Damn-it-all!!! NO PEOPLE should have to continually put-up-with both Corporate & Political: "Fat Cats" unrestrictedly bettering each other at expense of: "We The People",...FOREVER! "We The (Schnooks)" DESERVE BETTER and daily pay quite generously to GET MUCH BETTER from what jokingly referred to as: "Representatives of The People". Represent selves, their cliques & corporations,...more so than anyone else.

Yeah, sure,...this is a democracy? Well, Our New Batch of Rulers in only in a couple of months have proved REPRESENTING The U.S. Citizenry about as well as Old Soviet Rulers did for their Subjects and/or The Russian People. Open you eyes (minds also). It just cannot be denied that The State has also become Quite Supreme in America.

Then too, how come all AIG Executive Perps & blindly looking other way for years Government Regulators haven't yet been Jailed for Fraud or at least Malfeasance of Office? Why are such already Filthy Rich Scoundrels STILL PERMITTED running their Drained & Bankrupted CORPORATIONS (re. both AIG & U.S. Government) further into the ground,...and with EVEN MORE VAST SUMS of MY/YOU/OUR Monies, to-boot?

Whatever, and the the same public-victimizing disgusting socialist vein, how could supposedly pennyless or broke General Motors Corp. even afford giving The UAW (United Auto Workers Union) 10 BILLION DOLLARS to take care of obligations & liabilities owed UAW by GM? Just take same from The U.S. Taxpayer of course: "Pilgrims" and/or we meekly obedient; "Big Sports".

Hell,...our new Royal or Lordly Rule gets even sicker when dictatorially forcing mostly non-union U.S. Citizens/Workers/Retirees, to now EVEN: "Bail-out" UNIONS. In fact, such dictates are about as arrogantly lordly and/or quite asininely godly: "In-your-face" shoved down Americans' throats, it gets. Truly Quite Some Lordly Gall,...isn't it?

Then too and while at it, isn't it downright Nationally Idiotic to retain Barney Franks, Chuck Schumer & other Congressional Financial Oversight Official types in their same lofty regulatory positions of great authority? Such didn't even display a modicum of sincerity, honesty & forthrightness when for years reassuring a quite questioning ex-President Bush, in that Ginnie MAE & Freddie MAC were both A-OK and/or just hunky-doory. Such Public Liars not being at least removed from lofty positions on Mt. Olympus, actually quite governmentally obscene by any stretch.

Even worse than such types not even being slapped-on-the-wrist for flaunting their Public Trust and/or Oaths taken To The People, the very same obvious U.S. Taxpayer Funds Mismanagers (if being kind),...are quite stupidly being given EVEN MORE & EVEN GRANDER AMOUNTS of Public Funds to experiment on, play with or just fritter with or piss-away.

WOW!!!,...just how much more of such Lordly Rule are Americans expected to tolerate, anyway? Who cares if most in Leftist Mainstream Press/Media & about 85% of all Professors (maybe even Einstein if were still alive?), much prefer such type rule for America.

The Vast Majority of obviously Much More Intelligent Americans of: "The Land of The Free & The Home of The Brave", just DO NOT, NEVER DID WANT, nor WILL EVER ACCEPT any Royal or Lordly Rule as the norm,...such as Obama/Pelosi Gang now forcing upon all We Americans RIGHT NOW.

Screw that Majority of The Minority (re. The Electorate) Rule. Anyway sliced it still ends up Minority Dictatorial Rule, what once used to be A Democratic Republic.

Face it, folks. Highest to lowest echelon & no matter how pompous or well spoken Public Hirelings and/or Elected Officials act,...such just are not gods. Best solely Believing in God and very few others.

The End