Stupid is as Stupid Does" Leftists
by N.R. Filidei (October 4, 2007 - commentary)

“Friends, (Americans), Fellow Countrymen…” no one should ever think politicians & affiliated societal parasites as being stupid. Quite the opposite and/or devious, shrewd, conniving and oftentimes even despicably treasonable,…of course. Statesmen are truly quite rare (if any?).

Sure, many of such career-ilk alluded to will no doubt adamantly disagree with such a blanket insult or demeaning, even though knowing full well that “They” main reason why SO MANY: “Only in America”  realities have existed and still disgustingly prevail. Such basically why many times and LONGTIME (no: “Spring Chicken”) have quipped that: “America has a Very Bad Case of duh-Stupids”.                            

However, and since apparently common sense, logic and Rule of Law no longer exists FOR ALL (most foreign nationals excused) and even concerns for The Survival of Nation have vanished or gone way of the dinosaur in current day America,…am forced updating and changing my original and quite reality based sarcastic quip towards The Shameless, just-a-tad-bit. Sorry, Mr. Washington & Forefathers. 

But nowadays, and since We Americans apparently and quite overall have been longtime daily duped (both openly & subliminally) into accepting politically-correct or absurdly bent orchestrations from so many national undermining (during wartime also) politicians, journalists, professors, and even entertainers of Great Voice in America also, must now state that: America has a TERMINALLY Bad Case of duh-Stupids, instead. No ifs, and or buts, nor multitude of enemy helpful and encouraging: “Democrats/Socialists/ Leftists posing as liberals”, as often so referred or alluded to.

Think me and no doubt MANY other like-minded and/or most likely: “Soft Targets of Opportunity” for Fanatically Murderous Islam are being too harsh or overly-jaded towards: “Pie in the sky” type career-people-deceivers and/or zealots leading Americans down the quite obvious garden path of extinction?  Well I most certainly don’t, and would much prefer such typical Feigned-Caring Ideologues and other hypocrites of voice QUITE DIFFERENTLY Band Together & Unite for Totally Defeating & Destroying America’s Unconscionably Bloodthirsty Islamic Enemies, INSTEAD.

Also Fellow: “Pilgrims”, “We The (Schnooks)” and/or U.S. Citizen/Taxpayer & PAYER OF EVERYTHING in America and much of world also, think me asking or expecting too much from our leaders and/or lordly officialdom? Don’t We pay Big Brother enough to at least insure OUR SURVIVAL, and also why aren’t politicos as concerned about being killed & annihilated by  Sanctimonious & Saintly Mullahs (a joke) and/or All Merciful & Caring HOLY MEN (another joke)?

Still not convinced or need proof that We Americans are being quite dangerously duped merely for sick-o politics, or that Very Lives & Sovereignty have been despicably put at More Risk Than Should Ever Have Been, SOLELY for Political Gain?  Well then, just wise-up & start watching and listening to FNC or Fox News Channel, instead. Differently honest informing instead of DNC Dogma norm or mainstream press/media misinforming, should greatly illicit some Rightful Outrage FOR-A-CHANGE.

Need even more proof of being disgracefully duped by The Innately Power & Control Hungry of Great Voice in America? Then, I would suggest paying much closer attention to all the wartime under-mining & demoralizing deceits prevailing amongst The Majority of U.S. Congress. Even some timid Republicans fearful of typical: “Trashing & Bashing” by Vengeful Democrats, go along with such ilk.

Not yet convinced since SO MANY staunch Leftist Wartime Under-miners of Duplicitous Voice in America such as: Alec B., Barbara $., Bill C., Bill M., David L., Dan R., George $., Harry R., Hillary C., Jane F., Jimmy C, John F. K., Martin S., Nancy P., Sean P., Susan S., Teddy K., etc., daily and quite echoingly propagate otherwise? Such actual Political Supremacist Babblers or Missionaries for The Standard & Absurdly Nationally-Suicidal Democrat Party Line, SHOULD NEVER BE BELIEVED. Matters not how Rich, Famous or even Foolishly Adored ALL ARE.  ALL ARE TURNCOAT NUTS.

Besides, and any way sliced, diced, dissected or even purposefully & falsely disseminated by hacks or repeated by fellow deceivers aside, how-in-the-hell can any SANE voters actually believe and forever keep believing whatever such perpetual national under-miners and pro everything foreign to America NUTS have to say? Continually and generationally proud of voting for such phony gods is even much more than just mindboggling, to me. Will Never Understand such suicidal voters in a million years.

Regardless, it is quite unfortunate for entire Free World that Fanatical Islam not so similarly saddled by a multitude self/clique-serving/aggrandizing ideologues or career- zealot leaders (actually deceivers). After all, isn’t it just plain stupid to TOLERANTLY give the worst & most merciless enemy that Liberty & Freedom have ever faced, a daily & quite obviously Helpful Edge?

All Muslims worldwide no doubt ABSOLUTELY LOVE America’s political status quo or: “TERMINALLY Bad Case of duh-Stupids”. What better political climate or terrain could there ever be for mass-murdering as many Hated Infidel Enemies, as physically possible doing?

Still, would that ALL American Political Leaders and/or Warlord micro-managers in every detail of  their militaries were as Wise & United in both Effort & Resolve about warfare or enemy destroying,  as most Arab/Muslim Leaders or Mullahs QUITE DIFFERENTLY & WISELY ARE & COMMAND?   

Bet-cha The Troops and most all Americans in general would certainly prefer that Our Leaders were as United, ALSO? Most all would no doubt much prefer living long & peaceful lives, rather than the politically forced-upon unknown of either an eventual national clobbering or merciless slaughter by an:  “All Caring & All Merciful Islam”. Yeah, sure.               

The End