Stupid Pandering or Campaigning??
by N.R. Filidei (December 22, 2013 - commentary)

Why Barbara Walters stupidly stated publicly that her buddy and ex-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton should be named: "The most fascinating woman of 2013",...was/is Absolutely Amazing!!! Such complimenting even defies common sense and logic.

Even their longtime friendship can't change the actual sad facts and realities surrounding Madam Secretary Hillary's abysmal failure at REPEATEDLY DENYING AID & STOPPING OTHERS FROM COMING TO THE AID of her charges and/or The Ambassador and 3 other Brave Americans SLAUGHTERED by a previously FORWARNED large force of Muslim Terrorists at Bengahzi, Libya.

Besides, should anyone already so obviously (so cavalierly callous also) shown NOT concernd or caring about protecting and saving American Lives at Benghazi even be considered for the U.S. Presidency, anyway or in the first place?

In fairness to the then Secretary of State Clinton, President Obama also didn't go to: "The Situation Room" either, such as typically done for national crisis or any deadly or lethal enemy attacks on America and Americans.

"His Barackness" merely just flew off to Las Vegas for one of his many election fund raisers, INSTEAD! Amazing!

Where Hillary was or went while an American Ambassador and others were: "Slaughtered at Benghazi",...I haven't got a clue? Neither have most other fellow Americans.

That both press and media have been pretty-much Clinton/Obama favoring self-censoringly silent about the national tragedy at Benghazi, is quite worrysome and Amazing also.

Hell. She too obviously believed political fund raising was more important at the time?

The End