Terminal Case of the Stupids
by N.R. Filidei (2/23/09 - commentary)

Due all the governmental failings & absurdities now daily being exposed, such forces changing my longtime (about 40 year) quip. No longer will: "America suffering A Very Bad Case of The Stupids" suffice and/or basically why USA so continually worldwide mocked. The new variation must be:
"...A Very Terminal Case of The Stupids".

After all, don't many current realities prevailing actually make America's greatly worldwide touted: "Liberty, Freedom & Pursuit of Happiness" more so some hypocritical joke, than anything else? Also, our continuous: "Keystone Cops" type or "Political Carnival" (campaigning never-ends) form of governance & public being continually Quite Selectively Informed to suite ends & agendas wanted,...similarly doesn't bode well for We Americans.

Perhaps, if all information venues started differently using Honest & Correct Lingo instead of standard Politically-Correct (epitome of an oxymoron) rhetoric and/or people deceiving/controlling words, This Nation could once again become as Our Wise Forefathers envisioned for all United States Citizens?

Also, if mainstream press/media stopped deceptively & pacifyingly calling MANY MILLIONS of Criminally Illegal Aliens already here & MILLIONS MORE trying to sneak in here as: "Illegal Immigrants",...wouldn't that help?

Besides, isn't it insulting to any Legitimate On Quota Immigrants to be lumped together with a multitude Criminal Entrants of America? No Legitimate Immigrant should ever automatically be confused with criminals, anyway.

In fact, current Legitimate Immigrants could quite rightfully say: "Why do we always hava-to-wait 10-15-20 yearsa on quota to come to America, whila others jusa-waltza-ina-by-da-MILLIONS,...asa-dey-like"? "Americani thinka mezzo-Spanioli make better workers than We Italiani?

Then too, what's with all this bipartisan political nonsense or bias of giving Criminally Illegal Hispanics easier & quicker access to America than ALL OTHER nationals & nationalities on earth, anyway? Also, why keep authoritarianly forcing The U.S. Taxpayer to keep insanely paying for all needs required for such ILLEGALS, such as housing, medical, schooling & even jailing for those further breaking more of Our Laws?

Legitimate Immigrants don't receive such: "Bennies". Sponsors solely responsible for Legal Entrants to America, wishing to become U.S. Citizens.

Are you American Politicians all bipartisan race pandering nuts? Why not just deport all Illegal Entrants, as honest & sane national leaders normally do? Screw all Lobbyists, Foreign Leaders, and/or other additional income sources making for DECEPTIVELY WASTING MORE of U.S. Taxpayer monies, while only benefitting foreign nationals, yourselves & party. Americans and/or Your Other Payers deserve better.

Even more of an obvious National Lordly Shame than the previous paragraph alludes to, is the latest greedy leadership nonsense being: "Earmarked" or gifted with MY/YOUR/OUR Monies. Promising TON$ of Personal Lifelong Accrued for Retirement Social Security Monies to Criminally Illegal Aliens never having paid a dime into F.I.C.A.,...is certainly one-helluva-doozey! What's next? Will we ALSO have to: "Share The Wealth" with Foreign National Criminals, from our IRAs?

Hell, even late President Johnson & Clique unilaterally taking Social Security out of Fund Status & diverting same into General Fund way-back-when for political control,...didn't display such an: "In-your-face" dictatorial gall to The U.S. Citizenry. Guess what We Americans are now suffering from On High,...is called: "Progress dictated by Progressives"? Wonder when We Americans will get to benefit from such: "Progress", ALSO?

Whatever, and anyway sliced or diced regarding America's lordly biases or preferential & selective people-controlling information or disinformation venues, some-sort-of Disclaimers should preface any reportings, speeches or explanations by Our Ruling Elite Lords,...and especially about U.S. TAXPAYER MONIES which pay for EVERYTHING in America.

I would quite sensibly & realistically suggest such as: "Keep on seriously believing foreign national pandering authoritarians & their zealot ideologue supportive propagandists living: High-off-the-hog" from Politics & The Public Trough,...WILL PROVE QUITE DEVASTATING". No ifs, ands or buts.

Also be advised that just because people in authority are usually well schooled & well versed at speaking pompously all-knowingly godlike,..."It Jus-ain't Necessarily So", as words of that old song so wisely proclaim.

Never confuse Slickness, Smoothness or Coolness with Honesty, Integrity & Forthrightness, since most Con-artists or Career Political BSers are usually about as Slick, Smooth & Cool as a cucumber. That's why they often do so well & even display a beautifully trusting smile while royally screwing-you-over. Some have to study at it and some are just born with such an inate deceit, and/or necessity needed for attaining any high office.

The End