Is Prez Subversive or Nuts???
by N.R. Filidei (July 2, 2014 - commentary)

Even though few seem outraged about President Obama's lordly policies disgustingly encouraging Criminally Illegal Aliens (now even infant and children Illegal Aliens) to easily waltz into The United States of America in droves ILLEGALLY & AT WILL, shouldn't We American Citizens be at least a little concerned about what low-life scum or enemies are also sneaking into America along with them?

No doubt many Smugglers, Enemy Weapons & Explosives Experts, Dopers, Criminals in general and Mass-Murderous Muslim Terrorist infiltrators are ALSO being Quite Asininely (It's Wartime,...Fools!) bused or flown all over America, quite stupidly and nationally suicidal at U.S. Taxpayer expense.

Adding lordly insult to injury, "His Barackness" now insists/dictates that: "We The (Schnook$)" even more stupidly shell out another 2 BILLION DOLLARS for the care, medical, housing, necessities and transportation for the MANY innocent Illegal Alien children, and the likely NOT Very Innocent criminal or enemy trespassers accompaning them.

Another 2 BILLION RIP-OFF and Transporting ILLEGALS all over America instead of Deportation???
What Utter Nonsense!!!

Hell. We already squander over 3 BILLION$ YEARLY in foreign aid to Latin America and Mexico,...and: "God only knows" why.

If INSTEAD honest and wisely looking out for We American Taxpayers' best interests and well being (as Obama SHOULD DO & was actually hired (albeit elected) to do), just simply divert the yearly 3 BILLION$ in foreign aid for First Class Air Fares, blankets, toys, milk and cookies, and any medical needed before returning same Criminally Illegal Kiddies to their respective nations and families, INSTEAD. Isn't that compassionate enough?

For deporting grownups, busses and shackles (the norm) should suffice.

If such can't quickly be done, all illegals could/should be held at their usually plush, spacious and respective national embassy compounds.

After all, aren't embassies worldwide where all foreign nationals in need normally go for redress or assistance when in dire straits?

Besides, is it rational, sensible or Even FAIR for ruling elite to continually show favoratism and preferentiality for Immigration Line Jumping Criminally Illegal Aliens (of whatever age & good, bad, sick or criminal) OVER Legitimate & Honest Immigrants on quotas, many forced waiting 10-15-20 years before being permitted to come to America correctly and legally?

I don't think The Prez and Cohorts are being either FAIR or HONEST while handling (actually mishandling) this latest Criminal Illegal Alien Invasion crisis.

Government should NEVER display more concern about Criminally Illegal Aliens over Legitimate Immigrants.

It's just not right (not very sensible nor Constitutional either).

The End