No Surprise from Political Supremacists
by N.R. Filidei (September 13, 2009 - commentary)

Granted and as STILL A Free American Catholic, even with a gun to my head no one could ever get me to even apologize to The Pope for saying: "You Lie",...and especially if he too constantly propagated or swore one thing one day & The Total Opposite the next. Hey: "Different strokes for different folks".

Sure, on America's lofty variation of Mount Olympus and/or The Hallowed Halls of Congress NONE DARE EVER call obvious Duplicitous LIARS, LIARS, we mere mortals might do. Such Lordly Deceivers must instead be referred as just: "Being Disingenuous". Hell,...even sounds good & nicey-nicey. No wonder Our Lords (Ladies also) & Masters prefer such?

Whatever, Rep. Joe Wilson apologizing to: "His Barackship" should have been more than sufficient enough, even though anyone displaying sorrow for calling an obvious LIAR a LIAR, totally absurd.

Congressional: "Jack-in-the-box" Queen or Empress Nancy Pelosi & rest of Democrat Court Jesters additionally demanding that Joe apologize to the entire U.S. Congress for just being more HONEST than most, is also absurd. Such makes our entire Political System look inept, lordly-laughable & silly.

Perhaps Wilson should instead be sent to some Democrat Officialdom/Politically-Correct (epitome of an oxymoron) Press Re-Wording School?

He too might learn how to say: "Illegal Immigrants" instead of correct INS nomenclature of: "Criminally Illegal Aliens"?

Joe might also be taught using word: "Disingenuous" for describing OFFICIALDOM's PURPOSEFUL LIARS in general?

Forgot what El Supremo and/or Prez Obama actually renamed 'em. But, if learning to use terms like: "Peace Loving Muslims" instead of TERRORISTS for-a-change,...there's a better-than-even-chance that Old Joe will be welcomed back into The Quite Sanctimoniously All-Knowing Lordly Fold.

Hey, never know? Maybe even a few MILLION$ will even find their way to The South Carolina Branch or Branches(?) of ACORN, also?

Besides, matters didly or zilch what pretty-much Marxists or: "Ends Justify The Means" type deceivers incessantly promise or say, from either sides of mouths. Dictates that: "We The (Shnook$)" and/or The U.S. Taxpayer Big Brother END UP WITH,...ARE ALL THAT COUNTS.

The End