Sure Hope America Survives
by N.R. Filidei (September 14, 2009 - commentary)

Pretty-much most mornings having first coffee with Steve, Gretchen & Brian anchors of: "Fox & Friends" and/or most Top-Rated or Most Watched Morning TV EVER on FNC (Fox News Channel), more often than not has me gritting teeth in disgust. Yes,...QUITE DIFFERENTLY: "The Truth" in reporting, expose's & discussions INSTEAD of Greatly Democrat Biased Mainstream Press/Media sanitized & echoed duplications (National norm): " not always kind".

However, and since daily being exposed to Total Truths instead partials or typically Dem required censorings by ommission of ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN, I (no doubt many others also) must now realize how old Germans, Italians & Soviets must have felt? They too were once overwhelmingly & purposefully: "Pied Piper"-like led down the garden path to their demise, by their governments in collusion with press, also.

Realistically & instead of as currently are,...all networks alluded to should also have: "A DNC Affiliate" classification below their network's building sign. Such would be HONEST.

Think the comparisons & digs a-tad-bit-over-blown? Well, don't for even a second. What Obama Leadership & Press are currently orchestrating upon The American People, even defies & flies in the face of Old Abe Lincoln's: "...You can't fool ALL The People ALL The Time" and/or once quite sensible logic.

Nowadays such fine logic is being disproved each and every day. Well, least about a good half of Americans are being daily suckered by Marxist or Leftist Collusions each & every day, anyway. About 85% of USA's Academe also P.T. Barnum-like helps such zealot ideologues out daily, too.

Regardless, today even an admired U.S. Senator also got me further disgusted with America's obvious Marxist Top to Bottom Total Take-Over. On Fox & Friends he sadly admitted that much like all other disgusted Americans protesting, there's not that much that even He & Republican colleagues can do about America's now Total One Party Control (basically his words),...and much like Old Soviet Commisariat (my words).

Most Minority Republican Leaders are differently JUST-TOO-DAMN: "CIVIL",...whereas I pretty-much never am towards those deemed deserving no more respect than some Lottery Winner, best.

In fact, I believe Most Lottery Winners actually do warrant infinitely more respect than Most Politicians. No matter how much spent, one cannot automatically buy a winning ticket.

Whereas Obama, Gang & DNC have proved if enough monies are raised from both at home & abroad,...people can automatically But selves A Presidency & simultaneously: "Recapture The White House" to-boot. Especially in American Politics it's proved that obviously: "Money Talks & BS Walks" PREVAILS. NO LUCK IS EVER NEEDED whatsoever! Just get ACORN backing if any election outcome desired somewhat doubtful.

Whatever: "Pilgrims",...better get used to what Congressional Queen Nancy Pelosi & Obama/Chicago/ACORN Corrupt Democrat Political Machine of: "Community Organizers" or dark; "Societal Engineers" NOW GONE NATIONAL & UNIVERSAL,...calling-ALL-the-shots. Total Control is Total Control,...and that's that. Like it or not.

Just because no swords, guns, camps or many mass burials were needed for America's Political Conquest & Take-over such as Germans, Italians, Russians & MANY others suffered, THE END usually comes out the same. Just like all other nations historically & currently so Big Brother, Royal or Mullah Dictated,...YOU TOO will also Be JUST Free to DO AS TOLD.

Yeah, I know. Besides Forefathers obviously rolling over in graves in disgust, even MANY THOUSANDS of Brave & Courageous U.S. Military having given lives for Liberty & Freedom both here in America & all over The World,...must also be JUST AS DISGUSTED as MANY still live Americans obviously are now.

Yes. Not all: "Tea Party", "Town Hall Meeting" or; "March on Capitol" TRUE Patriots are actually: "un-American" "anti-government" "Nazis",...AS DEM LORDS, LADIES (like Pelosi) & PRESS/PROPAGANDISTS would have ALL ERRONEOUSLY BELIEVE. Plus, all Democrats are Wonderful Caring People & Republicans are all Despicable Racists.

Start believing you own eyes, ears, minds & Fox News Channel for-a-change, INSTEAD. Your Relatives, Friends & Country will no doubt appreciate such.

Political Supremacist Dems? Eh? Screw "Them" & that Phony Liberal Horse rode in on.

The End