Taxpayers VS Greedy Superiors
by N.R. Filidei (6/5/12 - commentary)

Being quite silly in general for any state workers to DEMAND: "Collective Bargaining" as if they were in some Private Sector Jobs where EVERYONE PROFITS to some degree, many Americans (myself included) are anxiously awaiting to see how sensibly (or not) Wisconsin Voters will vote today, June 5, 2012.

Will pragmatic conservatism and fiscal responsibility prevail over Much Better Off (the norm) State Worker DEMANDS during this absurdly engineered recall election?


Have the already much more affluent and quite united union leaders, union workers and nationwide big brother type politicos convinced or deceptively suckered enough Wisconsin Voters to stupidly vote AGAINST The Payers for Everything and/or The Taxpayers' Be$t Intere$t$?

Besides,..."Collective Bargaining" where only ONE of two parties ALWAYS solely benefits from such,...will ALWAYS be a sham (Greedy Public Sector Shame also).

Matters not that quite lord-like Prez Obama & Royal Court always propagate quite differently.

After all, MY/YOUR/OUR money and/or Taxpayer Monies should never be collectively bargained with BY ANYONE, in the first place! It's just plain wrong.

The End