Are Texans Only PC Suckers in USA?
by N.R. Filidei (September 23, 2011 - commentary)

Even though just glossed over in last night's surprising revelation about a distressing Texas absurdity (re. Illegals Paying Less at Texas Universities than U.S. Citizens) being exposed during GOP's Presidential Candidate Debate, such does raise some quite serious questions.

First and foremost should be: Are any Other State Taxpayers also forced to insanely favor Criminally Illegal Alien Students OVER out of state U.S. Citizen students? Do other states also Quite Stupidly or PC (actually an oxymoron) give same tuition break to Illegals OVER out of state U.S. Citizen students, as so obviously hispanic vote panderingly given in Texas?

If so,...all U.S. Citizens/Taxpayers have a right to know about such a collegiate or university (lower grades also) lunacies or taxpayer rip-offs constantly being perpetrated on us one & all by educators, their unions, governors & many other ruling elite policy makers in authority.

Hey: "Pilgrims", Citizens or Sucker$. We're not talkin-chump-change here.

The Texas example alone given last night of Criminally Illegal Alien University Students getting a $22,000 yearly tuition break (same as legitimate American Citizens of Texas get), comes to quite-a-pretty-penny.

Remember,..."America's Criminally Illegal Alien Invasion" of MANY years is already in the MANY millions. Stupidly adding even Higher Education Bonuse$ for Illegals to American Citizenry's ALREADY forced upon High Worldwide Welfare Burden,...IS OBSCENE (DICTATORIALLY SICK also)!

Hell. In Texas alone just multiplying a 4 Year University Savings of $88,000 BY MANY Illegals,...must be an astronomical (at minimum).

Granted, such monies aren't near as much as Big Brother typically gleans from Americans and normally pisses-away on a daily basis. But,...astronomical enough, folks. Certainly much more than piddlin: "Sixteen dollar cup cake" nonsense debacle will ever add up to.

Besides why should America's parents or even U.S. Students themselves wishing to do college or university out-of-state pay more than Criminally Illegal Aliens do, anyway? Are Illegals better, more deserving or more worthy of such???

Private schools & colleges? Eh? Since it's their money, they can Criminal Alien Preferential or quite anti-America & biased towards championing our enemies ala Michael Moore, do as they like.

Whereas with U.S. Taxpayer monies or Public Funds during these tough economic times, why-in-the-hell burn up EVEN MORE CASH than usual in: "Cash strapped America", on Criminally Illegal Aliens anyway?

Whatever, IF TRULY CONCERNED (not just echoing the asinine PC "Caring" herd norm) about well-being of ILLEGALS more so than for Legitimate Americans or U.S. Taxpayers, just direct such obvious criminal trespassers & IMMIGRATION QUOTA LINE JUMPERS to their respective embassies. That's where American Tourists must go when abroad, if needing some assistance, in dire straits, or even borrowing money to get home.

So then, and if embassies won't help pick up the large tab for the educating Illegals,...perhaps La Raza might help? A lot of their Hollywood friends, members & supporters have money up-the-wazoo. Why not?

Making light of rich racists aside, it's no wonder many nations worldwide usually mock US (both ways) also. Such mockery of constantly proved suckers is usually well deserved.

The End