Timeless & Most Honest Email Ever!
by N.R. Filidei (1/7/09 - commentary)

For any American Citizens not thoroughly suckered, duped or institutionally or politically brainwashed believing that America's longtime & never-ending Ruling Elite contrived Political Carnival ALSO somehow is worthwhile & benefits: "We The People" as a whole,...The E-mail mentioned should quite revealingly (quite sadly also) PROVE QUITE THE OPPOSITE of what standardly & typically herdlike led-by-the-nose believing by career politicians, political scientists, cohorts & affiliated.

Current political bull and/or self/clique-serving realities excusing even the most corrupt & duplicitous Political Campaign & Election EVER,...are even FURTHER PROOF of what same e-mail historically states inevitable for We Americans.

Thus, check-out: www.wimp.com/thegovernment/

Hell,...We:"UN-Connected or not beholding Americans" are quite obviously running out of time. Blindly keep believing MANY politicians, pundits, professors, zealots & press INSTEAD,...and just suffer the consequences as MANY PEOPLE (re: Greeks, Romans, Germans & Russians) HAVE BEFORE.

Big Bloated Governments are ACTUALLY only good for Big Bloated Governments (enemies also).

The End