Dem Exposes Dems' TRUE Intent for USA
by N.R. Filidei (2/16/12/ - commentary)

Like-minded Obama, Pelosi & Reid crowd plus many other career politicos obviously preferring One Political Party Rule of America, must truly be pissed at Democrat U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California.

PUBLICLY exposing Democrat Party Hierarchy's TRUE Intent for America is most definitely A NO-NO.

Such honesty of intent is usually kept quite secret or under-the-rug by both Democrats and their largely supportive mainstream press/media, since differently informing American Citizenry HONESTLY could prove quite dangerous. Honesty would be very detrimental & counterproductive for Dems.

[b]No doubt making fellow Democrat Supremacists cringe, Fanatical Dem Supremacist Maxine quite openly and cavalierly exposed her party's obvious preference of Dictatorial Democrat One Party Rule. If much more of such lordliness slips out to the public,...Dems could end up in one-helluva-bind.

Perhaps such obvious zealotry could preclude the ending of America's Democrat or: "Carpetbaggers" (what Dems were called during Reconstruction Period) Party?

One can always hope so. Can't I?

Regardless, and since We Americans are stuck with the cards dealt us (most likely from either a stacked deck or just slickly palmed), there's not very much people can do these days during our currently perverted variation of a democracy. Foreign nationals get more Justice from U.S. Department of Justice, than most Americans do.

Also here many elected leaders & appointees (mostly Democrat/Socialist/Progressive/Marxist Political Supremacists posing as Liberals types) pompously act more so like gods & goddesses, whom should never held accountable to anyone for anything (the norm).

Still, whatever happened to all those Congressional Ethics Committees one used to hear about, used mostly for determining whom are legislating honorably, with integrity & common decency, & are also quite honest & ethical (OR NOT)?

Hell. Publicly calling Other Party (re. Republicans) Leadership names and even: "Devils" isn't just stupidly unethical, low-class, audacious & lordly arrogant. Such is also an extremely pathetic display of Superiority,...which is Most Definitely UNwarranted.

Mean-spirited name callers are never better or superior to anyone.

Also, that's pretty-much how Hitler, Stalin, Mao & other rulers got rid of Opposing Parties.

Sure hope American Electorate fully understands all the above before our next election.

After all, stupidly vote Obama & Dems back into TOTAL POWER & CONTROL over America & all We Americans once again,...and this could quite likely end up being American People's VERY LAST ELECTION.

Remember. After National Socialist Democrats or Nazis took control of Germany way-back-when,...NO Subjects got to vote. Except for differently being Communist instead of Nazi, it was same-o, same-o in USSR & China.

Whatever, it takes a lot of blood, sweat & tears to rid nations of any entrenched dictatorial regimes, matter whether English speaking or not. "Believe It or Not".

The End