Dems Naive, Nuts or Insane Turncoats?
by N.R. Filidei (3/21/07 - commentary)

Granted, even just inferring that Democrat Ruling Elite or Dem Political Machine are somehow naive, is downright silly. Most Dems are actually about as naive as Mexican Smugglers daily sneaking dope, weapons and people IN GREAT VOLUMES, into America. Nuts? Eh? Not sure about that one.

Plus, no one need be an: "Einstein" or; "Rocket Scientist" to figure out that Democrat Leaders (wannabees also) and Dem hierarchy are also about as naive as The Insatiably Predatory Foxes guarding the proverbial Hen House.

For such innately sly ones, the words: "Slick", "Shrewd", "Devious", "Conniving", "Dishonest", "Dangerous", & "Untrustworthy", most often come to mind. "CAN NEVER get a straight answer from such obvious Societal-Engineers",...worth mentioning also.

Regardless, and as to exceptionally great deceivers or those usually quite suspect of Whom Actually Allegiant To, things get much more than a little confusing, dicey or a-tad-bit-sticky. Most everything propagated (actually pontificated) by devout Democrat Leftist Ideologues must be taken with A VERY VERY LARGE grain of salt, at minimum.

Yeah, sure? Americans will forever keep stupidly believing Democrat Lords and even "Their" largely supportive, quite echoing and thus validating mainstream press/media, guiding us all to our demise? Be wary. Most all alluded to wouldn't recognize sincerity, honesty, integrity and Honor to Country,...even if all four jumped-up and bit them on their collective asses. Not very trustworthy, either.

Or, how-in-the-hell can any Sane Americans actually believe such Political Phonies & Adoring Cliques when all in concert feigning: "We Support The Troops",...while daily and ENEMY ENCOURAGINGLY demeaning, hindering and demoralizing Our Troops every which way possible and imaginable, under the sun?

Such perpetual anti-America (Allies inclusive) and pro foreign nationals (enemies inclusive) nonsenses daily occurring, sure make me wonder? Can't help wondering JUST WHOSE TROOPS do such Jane Fonda-like Wackos ACTUALLY SUPPORT?

So-damn-much American Rhetoric spouted that ONLY Al Quida, Hamas, Iranian, Syrian and Taliban Troops CAN TRULY APPRECIATE, FIND REASSURING & ENCOURAGING,...does pretty-much answer The Sad Question. Don't you think?

Still, such treasonable fools should brush-up on some World History (Modern, Feudal & Ancient), before so stupidly doing what "They" daily and unconscionably do. Might learn something about the despicably and innately Murderous Muslim Breed so intent believing, pandering to, and always giving "Them" THE BENEFIT OF DOUBT,...rather than for Fellow Americans. Hey, never know?

If removing blinders, should learn that today not the first time that U.S. Marines had to confront and destroy Africa's longtime (FOR THOUSANDS of YEARS) Muslim Slave Traders and/or age old traffickers in Human Misery. Remember that hymn part: " the shores of Tripoooli", or about the time when Barbary Coast Pirates were scooping-up Infidel ships, Infidel products and Infidel people at sea, as mere objects of trade...OR MUCH WORSE?

So then, and to sort of conclude this sad history and current reality lesson for those apparently quite seriously out of touch WITH BOTH,...guess it fair saying that nothing ever truly changes or will ever change for Muslims of The Middle East and other parts of The African & Asian Continents.

Whether thousands of years ago, couple of hundred years ago or to this very day, Fanatically Barbarous Muslims (now referred to as: "Islamo Fascists") ARE STILL basically and innately Slave Traders, and ARE STILL Avowed Haters & Mass-Murderers of all Infidels worldwide. Just as taught from childhood way-back-when, little Muslim Kiddies of today are similarly taught that Infidels, and especially American Infidels, are lower than dog feces and unworthy of very life itself. Infidels MUST BE confronted accordingly.

Hey,...don't believe me? Well then, just take a Board of Ed tour of schools in The Middle East. That should turn most into believers: "Pilgrims", plus sick to your stomach at just how young many of our already avowed killers/assassins actually are.

Unfortunately for US (both ways), many of our Democrat Leaders don't realize such or politically-correctly (quite some oxymoron) or for self/clique betterment political reasons refuse acknowledging such. Hope that all such fools eventually come to their senses,...before too late?

National Survival and Survival of The American Citizenry INFINITELY MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than whether Hillary & Clique fair well in 2008. Still, wouldn't it be nice if Dems were to: "Recapture White House" after full time campaigning and: "Bush-bashing" for 6 plus years ,...and such were still intact?

And besides, how-the-hell could The Clintons rent out The Lincoln Bedroom AGAIN, if no longer there? Isn't that very important,...also?

The End