by N.R. Filidei (3/28/07 - commentary)

It's quite obvious that political-correctness is unarguably an oxymoron, and lately America has sadly also picked-up a few more unique oxymorons. These days calling many in U.S. Congress as: "The Honorable" so and so and even ourselves The UNITED States of America, have become similarly absurd.

In fact, nowadays referring to the most overly politicized in every aspect and politically divided nation on earth as: "UNITED", is just as stupid and defies logic as lumping POLITICS & CORRECTNESS (honor, honesty & integrity also) together in one breath. Confusing Clinton types with Lincoln types or even believing this: "Hong Kong West" is actually a; "UNITED" Hong Kong West,...not too bright either.

Unfortunately for us all, many whacked-out or politically-correct POLITICOS (re. The Me-Me-Me & Clique cliques of Beltway, Hollywood, Press/Media & misc. types), are quite good at deceiving people with their daily and quite purposefully vindictive antics. Also, such are quite masterful at keeping from public the reality that "They" largely the reasons or cause and effect why America of today is MUCH LESS: "UNITED",...THAN EVEN WAS during Civil War between The North & South.

STILL, it's truly hard understanding why today's variation of: "Carpetbaggers" and/or Democrat Leftist Obstructionists and echoing brainwashed legions, are STILL so hatefully vindictive towards Republicans, as in days of old? Or, why such nowadays EVEN concertedly undermine A Wartime Commander-In-Chief & Our Troops every which way possible,...while daily pleasing and encouraging The Enemy (themselves also) with a similar zealousness, fervor and passion?

Hey, Fools. We're all in same boat under attack and in dire straits here and/or at war with Fanatical Islam. This no time to fight viciously for political supremacy...AT ANY COST to America and The American People. Fight viciously against our avowed Muslim Mass-Murderers, INSTEAD.

Regardless, and nationally-suicidal politicians obsessed with having to: "Recapture The White House" AT ANY COST aside, guess it fair to say that The Oldtime Democrats and/or pillagers of The South during The Reconstruction Period, surely had more class and were infinitely much wiser,...even though similarly as self/clique greedy as Today's Dems. Greed for The People's Money must be an inate thing?

Still, no-way-in-hell would The Oldtime Dems ever have let so-damn-many foreign nationals pluck this: "Golden Goose" (re. The U.S. Taxpayer) bare, nor daily encourage Islamo/Fascists to BUTCHER & COOK "IT" at their leisure or at whim,...in a million years.

But, that was way-back-then or when: "Party of Lincoln" and/or The Republican Party's namesake Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by a quite similarly fanatical opposition,...and now is now. Fortunately, no longer are such deadly assassinations in vogue. Well,...at least here in America anyway. Still, SEALING Presidential Assassination Records FOR 75 YEARS from: "We The People", not all that reasuring about politicians.

Nowadays in USA, merely continuous, non-stop and never ending character assassinations and daily lying to The Voters/People (Allies & world inclusive) prevailing,...suffice. Basically anything that makes Republicans LOOK BAD and Democrats LOOK GOOD being obviously much preferred by The Mainstream Press/Media. Dems not called: "Darlings of The Press",...for nothing. Must advertise a-helluva-lot more than Republicans?

Darlings, Starlings, Official Ding-a-lings or whatever, the-bottom-line for me (no doubt others others also) vis-a-vis official phonies, leaders, politicos, journalists(?) or whatever called: "Democrats", "Leftists", "Official War Protesters" or whatever, is that WITH SUPPOSED FRIENDS LIKE THAT,...WHOM-IN-THE-HELL-NEEDS-ENEMIES??????????

Also, and if Dems don't quickly do: "A 180" and/or don't soon get their collective heads re-screwed-on-straight and out of their butts, America's quite despicable, nationally-suicidal and quite stupidly enemy helpful and encouraging political status quo, paints a very ugly picture for us one & all,...at minimum.

A VERY UGLY PICTURE INDEED, painted by most Democrat Fools.
Well,...at least if don't soon plan converting to Islam, anyway: "Pilgrims".

The End