Venezuela Voting Obviously MORE Legit
by N.R. Filidei (October 6, 2012 - commentary)

The other day Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez amazed many Americans by stating on television words to the effect of: "If I were American and could, I would vote for Obama".

Of course he COULD and WOULD. "Birds of a feather..." and "All That Jazz".

Regardless and what's even more amazing since not many Americans are even aware of the sad reality, is that foreign national Hugo Chavez ACTUALLY could vote for President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. and Quite Easily,...if HE REALLY WANTED TO.

Hugo would merely need some disguise before registering to vote most anywhere in The United States of America preferred, first.

Naturally large cities with large hispanic populations would be best since even Illegal Voter Registrations are greatly encouraged and quite easier perpetrated in such locales.

Then comes voting day, Chavez just like many other foreign nationals (whether here legally or otherwise) could vote for Obama as many times as liked,...naturally depending on how many voting places "They" bogusly registered at in the first place.

Still and how easy it's permitted to Illegally Register and Vote here in America aside, isn't it quite odd that the voting process is Quite Differently The Opposite in Venezuela?

Yeah that's right all you Quite Purposefully Suckered American Citizens believing that any desiring Legitimate Photo IDs to register for voting and then also to legitimately vote are: "RACISTS",...wake up, don't remain lordly deceived, and get your collective heads out of sand.

Hell. Most everything else and even comps at casinos for a lousy drink or cup of coffee aren't honored WITHOUT photo IDs, here in America.

Besides all you suckers still stupidly believing that having Legitmate Voter IDs in USA is being: "Racist", think about the following actual and factual reality.

Venezuelan Voters MUST SHOW legitimate Photo IDs before voting.

Are all Venezuelans: "Racists" too??? Of course not.

The End