by N.R. Filidei (2/14/12/ - commentary)

Ever wonder why so many current ruling elite (even U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder inclusive) are adamently opposed American Citizenry having Voter Identifications,...even though only sane, sensible and logical way of ever having a Legitimate and Corrupt Free Election?

Well,...wonder no more. FNC or Fox News Channel (Where else?) this morning explained why proposing Voter IDs to those currently controlling America and We Americans is much like holding up crosses to vampires, or exposing such obviously career Public Parasites to the light of day.

Forget about that: "Racist Bull" purposefully propagated for usual denials of sorely needed voter IDs. Such is totally diversionary.

Racism and Voter Fraud have nothing in common whatsoever, other than both suck.

U.S. Leaders favoring Illegals more so OVER U.S. Citizenry? Well,...that's a whole different story.

Not likely ever hearing much about such (if anything?) from current Officialdom, Like-minded, Supportive and Adoring mainstream press/media and other beholding and benefitting zealots of voice,...just think about the disgusting caption below what was Fox reported.


WOW!!! If I had wealthy buddies buying me: "24 MILLION" bogus votes, I too could have just as easily been elected President of The United States. I could even make: "Blackie" (our cat) VP, Attorney General, some Czar or such.

Why not? Whom would stop me? Congress? Yeah,...sure.
Plus wouldn't any cats be more trustworthy?

Regardless, these latest supposed: "ERRORS" broken down into millions of bogus names, addresses and such was quite depressing, given that such a disgusting Grand Scale Voting Process Corruptness STILL hasn't illicited any Grand Scale Public Outrage.

Guess most Americans could care less or as little about Official Corruptness & Voting Fraud as U.S. Congress & Press do? Sad,...but quite obviously so.

Still, that OVER 2 MILLION of DEAD or DECEASED voters were Registered, Accepted and Counted as Legitimate Votes during last Presidential Election should interest someone, since such was/is MIND-BOGGLING!!!

Realities being such as they are, America's Leaders, Press and Media all concertedly (quite diversionary also) calling Afghan, Iranian, Iraqi and other nations' elections CORRUPT,...is about as Hypocritical As It Gets.

One could easily compare such hypocrisy to some White Collar Crooks quite arrogantly and stupidly chastizing other White Collar Crooks for being even More Crooked than "They" are.

After all, what voting system on earth is/was PROVED more corrupt than Ours, anyway???

I can't think of any. Well at least any system where voters happily accept a corrupt end result even after exposure of Massively Large Scale Voter Fraud has been PROVED,...such as is ours.

"ONLY in America"!!!

Damn-it-all. Most Americans must actually be Scared of Their Rulers???

What else could explain Americans in general ACCEPTING CURRENT LORDLY DICTATES with nary a whimper?    
Guess quite a few in: "Home of The Brave" aren't actually all that brave at all?  
Tough luck for all rest of We Americans,...plus Freedom & Liberty! 

The End