WHY NOT Voter IDs???
by N.R. Filidei (April 12, 2014 - commentary)

Ever wonder why authoritarian and condescending ruling elite in general or most all of America's charlatan ruling Democrats are adamently against voters having legitimate Voter IDs?

Well and if any consolation, so do many others worldwide whom must always show proof of citizenship in their specific countries BEFORE VOTING quite similarly wonder the very same thing about why the USA treats its voting process so-damn-stupidly.

Those foreigners must think We Americans are all masochistic nuts by permitting all our elections to be so easily corrupted (which lately HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO BE SO) without Photo IDs.

Besides, and since most people already have and need Photo IDs for most everything else worthwhile, valid or important in America, what's-the-big-deal (or even: "Racist" according to Dems) about requiring photo IDs to vote?

Regardless, Governor Huckabee made an exceptionally timely and valid point about President Obama's quite stupidly and asininely: "Playing the race card over requiring voter IDs", the other night at some Black People fund raiser or event.

Huckabee's point being,...in that without a valid photo ID one would not have been permitted to even enter and hear the president speak that night, orrrrrrrrrr even get near to the president any other time for that matter.

Such shows that all racist whining Democrats (Holder & Pelosi inclusive) are also Quite Hypocritical!!!

Increasing many illegal foreign votes, many illegal votes by deceased and many illegal multiple votes aside, what other reasons could there be for Democrats to always be so wild-eyed concertedly against all Americans having legitimate photo IDs...For Voting ALONE???

Could it just be that standard Supremacist Clique Retention of Power & Control NO MATTER HOW ACHIEVED?

Given U.S. Government's lordly forced changes and loss of respect worldwide,...it sure seems so to me.

The End