"Wake Up AMERICA"!!!
by N.R. Filidei (June 23, 2014 - commentary)

No matter how badly informed, misinformed or not very well informed at all (re. those watching only mainstream press/media and/or basically Obama's adoring and most always flattering Propaganda Ministry), the the truly obvious must have been noticed.

Hell. Even the most ignorantly bent, devout and just-plain-stupidly duped by those quite lordly or dictatorially calling-the-shots for all we Americans, must have noticed that ONLY Foreign Nationals, Smugglers, Dopers and Mass-Murderous Enemies (both political and Islamic Terrorist Jihadists) thoroughly approve of how America's President is handling most all matters, both foreign and domestic.

Whereas most all thinking and sensible Americans just cringe and wonder: "WHAT'S NEXT from this prez whom would be king"???

No sane Americans want any of our laws to go UN-enforced and Our Constitution to continually be made a mockery of, as has been so typical doing by our government for the last 5+ years.

No sane Americans want wide open borders DURING WARTIME and We Citizens/Taxpayers to perpetually pay for America's being the Welfare System for the entire world, and especially for Central America and Mexico.

Now we Americans are even forced/dictated to additionally be a Day Care Center for Latin American and Mexican children. What Suckers!

No sane Americans want: "Gitmo" closed and captured mass-murderous Jihadists to be quite stupidly tried and given continuous forums in our civilian courts,...and some even quite asininely released and given given FREEDOM!!!

Brigs, Stockades, POW camps and US Military Court Justice is perfectly alright for captured combattants, just as historically done in all other wars or conflicts we've ever engaged in before.

If this latest or eighth Islamic 100 Year Holy War actually lasts 100 years or so, hold them that long at: "Gitmo" or other secure military facilities. We've got lots of them in desolate areas.

Set up an old age wings, blocks or pens if need be, and if Islamic Terrorist Hostilities never end.

WHATEVER!!! Don't ever absurdly release Well Know Mass-Murderous Muslim Terrorists, so that they might (actually no doubt will) kill EVEN MORE Americans and Allies AGAIN.

Just out of curiosity, is: "His Barackness" or President Obama the first president or Commander-In-Chief in history to be so damn Criminally Illegal Alien and Muslim Enemy Helpful?

The End