More of MY/YOUR/OUR Money Wasted!!!
by N.R. Filidei (12/1/11 - commentary)

Since unarguable that arrangements, travel, grandiose food & lodgings & greatest possible security ever for: "His Barackness" and/or President Barack Hussein Obama II or Jr. are always paid for by; "We The (Schnook$)" or The U.S. Taxpayer,...his latest of MANY campaign junkets for AGAIN garnering Large Contributions from Wealthy Americans got me wondering.

His quite cavalierly & resident-annoyingly tying up NYC terribly last night solely for rubbing elbows with The Very Rich (those he often hypocritically feigns despising) for milking More Big Bucks from dupes aside,...just how much More of MY/YOUR/OUR Money will The King Waste Campaigning???

Aren't about 40% of such Misappropriated Funds also borrowed from China? What a shame!

Regardless, I thought Barry H. Soetoro and/or Barack H. Obama's Democrat/Socialist/Progressive/Marxist Party backers were supposed to pay for any & all his campaign related matters & fund raising junkets? Wha-hoppened???

Why should We The U.S. Taxpayer or Big Sucker$ (as usual) get screwed-over (as usual) for elections, while mainstream press & academe adored & venerated: "His Barackness" reaps in The Big Bucks or; "MO-Money" (as usual)?

Damn!!! Barry S. or Barack O. might actually Buy Himself Another Election!

So many Rich Americans, many ACORN (re. about 160 Dem Community Organizing affiliates), and even Wealthy Chinese Government (America's largest lender & people most profitting from Obama's current lordly dictates) obviously support Him & His Quite Wasteful Marxist Ways.

"Birds of a feather..." & "All That Jazz". Hope We Survive "Them"?

The End