Which Secretary Worst???
by N.R. Filidei (February 19, 2014 - commentary)

Typically and obediently doing or saying SOLELY what ones king, dictator or political master so desires aside, should any stupidly believe Secretary of State John Fitzgerald Kennedy when asininely (quite pompously also) stating that: "Climate Change" or "Global Warming" is much more dangerous to The American People than Radically-Fanatical Islamic Terrorism?

Orrrrrrrrrrrr, and if that's not silly enough or intelligence insulting enough and strangely makes puppets Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid come across as: "Rocket Scientists" in comparison, just ask yourselves the following also.

Was obviously more cavalierly inept about Americans Slaughtered at Benghazi or: "What difference does it make" Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton much worse or even more dangerous when she too was just another inept Secretary of State, previously?

I personally think both are Tied for Worst in malfeasance, deceptiveness, ineptness (plus covering-up party & boss duplicity also), and NOT doing what best for We Americans.

Besides, and on all that much to do about: "Climate Change" nonsense,...think about this.

It is well known and documented that The World has already had 3 Ice Ages followed by 3 Global Warmings (or visa-versa),...LONG BEFORE anyone ever even heard about chlorofluorocarbons.

Therefore the American People must wisely learn to destinguish between TRUE science and quite purposeful Political BULL, meant solely to ENRICH A FEW.

Stupidly believing Purposeful Deceivers about Dems': "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" BULL...could prove VERY COSTLY for MOST Americans & EXTREMELY LUCRATIVE for some already QUITE WEALTHY leaders and their many other affiliated and ALSO GREATLY profitting: "Fat Cat Supporter$".

The End