Wierder Than Usual "Stimulus" for We $uckers!!!
by N.R. Filidei (9/18/10 - commentary)

This latest absurdity reported about Vast Sums of MY/YOUR/OUR Monies and/or U.S. Taxpayer Funds being typically pissed-away cavalierly by A Dictatorially Pompous Officialdom,...truly takes the cake. Such makes even less sense than all the other PREFERENTIAL: "Bail-Outs" for just BIG BUCKS Supporters.

Besides, I don't know of anywhere or any other rulers on earth whom would have the audacity or gall admitting that PRODUCING(?) ONLY 55 jobs (many believe just 55 existing jobs were SAVED) for MERELY 110 Million Dollars? WOW!!!,...what pompously generous lords!

That comes out to 2 Million Dollars ($2,000,000) per job or gig, no matter whether actually produced, honestly saved or just typically & hypothetically conjured up being saved. Wish we could all be Rock Stars?

Regardless, TWO MILLION$ a pop squandered for ANY JOB (real, imagined or fabricated) is OUTRAGEOUSLY intelligence insulting to ALL of: "We The (Schnook$)" or Total Payers for ALL such daily rip-offs by typical Career Ruling Elite or Perpetual Self/Clique-Serving (ABOVE ALL ELSE & OTHERS) Mismanagers.

America's standard Lordly Rule getting sicker & sicker each & very day aside, I just can't wait for OUR RULE to finally: "CHANGE"! And, why not?

Hell, even Russia of all places got rid of their Communist/Marxist Dictates & Dictatorial Regime without a shot being fired. So then, why not US (both ways) too?

The End