Fair and Square Winning Bull
by N.R. Filidei (11/8/12 - commentary)

Granted, most in press, media, ruling elite officialdom and public in general obviously believe that Obama got re-elected: "Fair & Square" in 2012. What fools.

Even teams of UN election/poll watchers were absolutely amazed that such important American elections are pretty-much naively done on: "Honor System" or WITHOUT voters showing any proof of belonging or American Citizenship whatsoever.

UN Observers must have also noticed just how differently sensible we handle most all other matters in America. Even trivia of credit card purchasing of a pair of socks or getting some comp in a casino restaurant requires a photo ID in USA.

Guess that buying socks is much more important than buying a presidency, in America?

Hell and along same line of stupidly trusting ALL voters and parties to not cheat on elections, even Hugo Chavez's Venezuelans (Of all people?) must show some proof of citizenship before being permitted to vote in Venezuela.

Obviously Hugo and Venezuelans aren't as naively stupid about elections as we are.
That reality certainly makes one wonder how Chavez pulled-off winning his election?

Regardless, and MANY THOUSANDS of fictitious votes, multiple votings and other voting illegalities Discovered, Caught & Prosecuted (Such are just tip of the iceberg.) from America's previous 2008 Presidential Election aside, just ask yourselves the following to help clarify things.

How come an overall blind eye is mostly only scrutiny ever given by most and press towards MANY MILLIONS of Foreign National Voters (actually Criminally Illegal aliens here) whom no doubt vote and have voted in most every recent American elections, as Dems like or require?

Obviously corrupt and unconscionable "Pie-in-the-sky" or Big Brother Government Ideologues like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, all other Political Supremacists and also Their Top Enforcer Eric Holder gain mostly. Achieving and retaining Power & Control anyway possible, is all that matters.

Hey, what better ways are there for guaranteeing themselves initially winning elections and being re-elected? The more an obedient voter base is increased (legally or otherwise), The Better. Whether votes are by American Citizens OR NOT or are greatly duplicated, all votes count in the end. No one cross-checks.

So then, why aren't press, media and people in general plus some honorable of congress and appointed officials Ever Outraged and Screaming: "Bloody Murder" over SO MANY PROVEN Voting Frauds and an obvious overall and longtime ACORN or World Class Voting System Corruptness?

An overall silence and acceptance of such...IS TRULY MIND-BOGGLING.

In fact, if any of you totally apolitical or quite differently honest and forthright other folks here in: "Land of The Free & Home of The Brave" know why so much Voting Fraud Irregularities go largely unreported by most and are so-damn-meekly accepted by most,...puuuleeease let the rest of us know.

After all, there must be some reasons why mainstream press/media rarely ever reports about voting frauds and instead just solely report what their venerated and adored: "Captain Cool" (re: His Barackness) and His Administration DEEM or DECREE Much More Important, or what We Americans actually: "Need-to-know" from Our Lords & Masters?

Same press/media never reporting or expounding on anything making Obama & Crowd look even slightly bad, corrupt,Totally Inept (as with: "Benghazi Cover-up"), naive or stupid, deserves some serious questioning also.

Republican/Conservative Leaders and obvious Opposers of Lordly Dictatorial Tyranny aren't actually The Bad Guys, as the largely Democrat Supportive and rubber-stamping mainstream press/media would have all We Americans believe. It's just not so.

Unless Editors and Journalists are paid-off or: "Moonlight" for Dems,...I just don't get it?

The End