"Remember Those NON-Existant WMDs"?
by N.R. Filidei (7/14/12 - commentary)

Remember those NON-existant WMDs or Weapons of Mass Destruction that largely anti-President Bush types mocked The Liberation of Iraq about?

Well,..."Surprise, Surprise, Holy Moly & Shazam, folks",...as old Gomer Pyle used say.

It's now reported that the Largest Stockpile of Saran Nerve Gas EVER is now being planned for usage on the Syrian People in Syria. What an unfortunate shame.

Guess that during the Iraq War those many: "LARGE 100 TRUCK CONVOYS from Sadam Hussein to Syria" weren't just loaded with gold, silver, jewels and other booty?

Any wise people would have given Big Odds at the time that mostly MANY tons of: "NON-existant WMDs" were being so shipped for hiding from Coalition Forces, in those many large convoys.

Regardless, my condolences to all Syrians in near future quite likely on receiving end of those: "NON-existant WMDs",...and/or what duped or suckered West should've destroyed long ago.


The End