"Have any others ever wondered"?
by N.R. Filidei (3/22/09 - commentary)

Have any others ever wondered during what now obvious LARGEST & MOST EVER cavalierly squandered amount of U.S. Taxpayer Funds in American History (actually World History) done so mostly for: "Societal Engineering" & Despicably Enlarging an already overly-bloated U.S. Government,...hasn't yet elicited an overall OUTRAGE as last witnessed here circa 1776, yet?

Sure, most notables of Officialdom, Press/Media and even other Mind Enlighteners (some say: "Similarly Purposeful Mind Perverters") of Higher Education will scoff at such, since most all concertedly tend to validate each other & very reasons for being. Hey,...how could any mere Peasant Subjects know what best for them & democracy, anyway?

Besides, how could any typical un-lettered or un-elected Americans possibly know what's best for them? After all, only those having Doctorates or somehow having: "Made Their Bones" and/or having been initiated well in The Political Sciences or clawed their way up the political or corporate ladder, actually know that Big Brother or The Supreme State ALWAYS KNOWS HOW BETTER TO HANDLE & BEST SPEND The People's Monies.

Still and such Quite Lordly Supremacist Breed Normalcies aside, have any other Americans also wondered why now EVEN MORE VAST SUMS of MY/YOUR/OUR and/or U.S. Taxpayer Funds meant for supposedly straightening-out The American Economy, are so lordly diverted elsewhere instead?

Is it really that much more important to Reward or: "Bail-out" Abysmal: "Fat Cat" Failures, Mismanagements, Poor Supervisions & Regulatings and even blatant flat-out-thievery & fraud in both Corporate & Governmental America,...rather than restoring Our Economy & producing new Private Sector Jobs with U.S. Taxpayer Monies? It sure-as-hell seems so. Hell, and unless deaf, dumb & blind,...Unfortunately for America IT ACTUALLY IS SO!

Whatever and what now perpetrated on public making even Madoff seem like some-sort-of: "Chump-change Piker", wish someone or ANYONE could sensibly explain this to me? What merit could there possibly be for not at least JAILING all such Disreputable Bankers, Officials, Speculators, Regulators and even Governmental Financial Oversight Committee types whom caused or permitted: "America's Financial Meltdown" & Job Losses in-the-first-place?

Whether just through plain stupidity, ineptness or greed, why are all such low-lifes concertedly screwing-up America SO GRANDLY instead REWARDED SO-DAMN-GRANDLY? Have America's Leaders in general just lost their marbles?

Failed American Official Watch Dogs or Banking/Financial Regulators & Overseers obviously on both Public & Corporate Payrolls (ie. "Double Dippers") still getting to keep their lofty positions of authority, trust & control,...and are GIVEN EVEN MORE & LARGER Vast Sums of U.S. Taxpayer Funds to play with, as if Monopoly Money. WOW!!!,..."Only in America". Hope it doesn't actually become Monopoly Money?

Neither are the Greedy Bankers, Corporations, Securities & Stock Speculators and other culprits known actually causing America's: "Financial Debacle" jailed, or even slapped-on-the-wrist. They too get REWARDED for FAILURE by both: "Bail-outs" & "Bonuses", by The U.S. Taxpayer. What an absolutely amazingly forced-upon and/or DICTATORIAL NONSENSE!

Even more amazing than all the previous disgusting realities mentioned is the sad reality that even with all the tonnage of U.S. Taxpayer Monies squandered thus far or: "Earmarked" for; "God Only Knows" what,....NONE of such pissed-away dollars will ever bring any of The Millions of American Jobs largely encouraged going abroad, back home. So much for that supposed: "Job Stimulus Package"? What truly Outstanding CAMPAIGN BUUUUUULL.

Yeah, sure? Believe that Big Brother Government is one best suited for producing jobs for the vast majority and/or The Private Sector & not just Public Sector,...and I'll sell you both DisneyLand & DisneyWorld AGAIN. Could likely sell such obviously brainwashed or duped yokels Brooklyn Bridge AGAIN, also?

If think some banking, business, industry or even an Intelligence Agency is a little screwed-up somehow, get politicians overly involved with same or micro-managing it. Then: "Pilgrims",...you'll REALLY get to see what REAL Screw-ups or Foul-ups ARE REALLY ALL ABOUT. Just wait a few more months or a year and most likely get to see first hand what I'm talking about. Don't believe such will be very pretty picture, at all.

Certainly hope I'm wrong about all alluded to since now using & counting on the very same abysmally toyed with and/or "Share The Wealth" type money as others here do for retirement,...and am also just as vulnerable a: "Soft Target of Opportunity for Fanatical Islam" as are all the rest of Americans.

Last but not least, and since personally Never Believing in any obviously purposeful politically conjured-up bull for a second,...I also desperately hope there's some actual validity to that: "The Office makes The Man (woman also)" bit. If sensibly & logically not so, it must be said that We Quite Obviously are in: "Deep Do-Do" all you Fellow Americans.

Can't convince me & likely any other sane and/or apolitical Americans otherwise. Their inately will be & have always been either Good Kings & Rulers or Bad Kings & Rulers,...and that's that. History explicitly proves such. Hitler, Stalin & Hussein didn't just turn bad. They were born Nasty Self/Clique-Serving ABOVE ALL ELSE Mean Mothers.

The End