"Getting Past Wright", Wrong
by N.R. Filidei (3/29/08 - commentary)

It’s a given that most Leftists and their largely supportive mainstream press/media will adamantly disagree with the title of this piece.  No doubt much feigning of great offense & indignation over all else written here will also quite echoingly occur. The epitome of such superior supremacists as alluded to being the longtime blustering Senior U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy.     

What Pompous Teddy, Party & Hacks typically consider blasphemy aside, The American People QUITE DIFFERENTLY deserve: “The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” about ALL their oath-taking officials. Plus, isn’t it sensible & practical scrutinizing (in detail) politicos’ longtime friends (private, corporate & governmental), confidants, advisors and supportive wealthy power & control merchants?

The aforementioned is especially so when Wartime U.S. Presidency is at stake.  No hidden agendas or intents, or even stones should be left unturned. 

A disgusting system normalcy of falsely public character assassinating any & all opposition can no longer be tolerated, since wartime divisive, enemy helpful & quite asininely nationally-suicidal.

Though, and in fairness to Obama’s QUITE SUSPECT of ALLEGIANCE (if being kind) close circle of friends & confidants, both Nation of Islam Leader Farrakhan and Christian Reverend Wright seem quite different than most all others of the similarly Devout Democrat Faithful.  Both QUITE DIFFERENTLY say what they mean and actually mean what they say, even though obviously Racist anti-White as could possibly be.

Love or despise suchCloaked Hate Mongers, but both certainly & unarguably prove the point that not all American Racists are just White. The only difference here being that obvious Black Racists are pretty-much overall accepted as just having: “Great ethnic & racial pride”. Why is that?

Regardless, one still wishes that more political supremacist:”Democrats/Socialists/Leftists posing as Liberals (now patriots also)” were just as honest, sincere and forthright as both reverends, and not just: “Pathological Liars”, as The Clintons were once press labeled.Hill & Bill could no doubt even fool A Polygraph and/or Lie Detector? As to The Obamas,…whom-in-the-hell really knows?   

The supposed: “Hard Hitting Press” won’t even touch upon the Credibility & TRUE intent of their latest: “Darlings”, Barack Hussein Obama Jr. & Clique. Whatever “He”, friends and associates state are automatically deemed: “Gospel”, by a largely: “In-the-tank” Press/Media.   

Still, can one actually believe & trust a Muslim born, Muslim raised & longtime Muslim schooled individual switching to a: “Born Again” Infidel “,…ironically at the very start of his political climb?

Such a political expedient irony doesn’t even raise an eyebrow in The American Press. Whereas in Europe, much notoriety is achieved for denouncing or defecting from Islam, since usually what puts one at very top of some Fanatical Mullah’s: ”Hit List”. Well,…at least if A TRUE Muslim Turncoat, anyway?       

A troubling & suspect past like Hillary’s aside, Barack too hasn’t got a clue either as how to resolve any matters or issues effecting America, other than The Democrat Standard of never ending & falsely trashing & bashing of any and all opposing Conservatives/Republicans & RAISING TAXES. 

Yeah,…that’s right. Just as here in New Jersey, a similar Total Democrat Control Nationally would no doubt ALSO FORCE an Absurdly Higher Confiscation of Taxes FROM ALL Americans,… so as to SUPPOSEDLY(?) correct all that The Democrats despise about The USA & deem more favorable for $elve$/clique & preferential foreign friend$ or national$.      

Sure,  Big Brother Dems, “Connected” Leftist Cliques, The Poor(?), Disabled & Special Friends plus MANY MILLIONS of The Lawless and/or: “Criminally Illegal Aliens”(proper INS nomenclature) BENEFIT QUITE WELL from most such U.S. Taxpayer Programs and/or Government Giveaways,…plus usual yearly increases. But,…SO WHAT???

Such certainly no consolation for: “We The (Schnooks)” and/or U.S. Taxpayer whom keep on sheepishly Paying & Paying & Paying as told (actually Lordly Ordered with threat of jail if not complying). Damn-it-all!  Is this a Republic, a Socialist Democracy, a Kakistocracy, a combination World Policing & Welfare State,…….…or what????

What no doubt also disgusts Our Forefathers and causes rolling over in graves aside, let us get back to reality that there just cannot be enough scrutiny for any new Wartime Commander-In-Chief, and also their very closest of friends, advisors & confidants (leftist billionaires also).  

Sure, it’s impossible for Barack to muzzle either Farrakhan or Wright. But, he should grovel & beg his Very Closest Confidant of All and/or Wife, to in future keep her mouth shut on The Campaign Trail. Hell,…she’s almost as bad a political detriment or anchor, as both Louis & Jeremiah are.

WOW!!!,…it was one-helluva-doozy for ANY American Wife to confess or blabber out!!! Her publicly exposing: “FIRST TIME proud of America” being due solely to husband Barack running for The Presidency, must have made even most shameless of Democrat Lords cringe?  

Whatever, and since lately so many truths are slipping out about Dem Prez Wannabes (their friends, associates & affiliated also), one hopes that The Country’s largest minority and/or The Electorate don’t remain as Leftist duped and: “9/11” oblivious,…as usual?

Vote for or hire a: “Pied Piper” or; “Pie in the sky” Democrat President & Congress combo during wartime in 2008,…and Suffer The Severest of Consequences. Just cannot be any other way.

Democrats ACTUALLY believe that Innately Murderous & Fanatical Islam can be negotiated with??? Such IDIOTIC & LETHALLY STUPID!!!     

The End