"You-jus-gotsta-Lo-o-ove it"!
by N.R. Filidei (11/4/07 - commentary)

Well,…it’s about time! Plus, You-jus-gotsta-Lo-o-ove it when justice prevails for The Decent, Honorable and Patriotic of America, ALSO. The outcome of: “The Funeral Protesters Case” FINALLY did just that. 

Last week’s punishing of despicably-hurtful leftist ideologues posing as Devout Holy People was most certainly warranted and long overdue. Though, the about 11 Million$ awarded The Snyder Family for the inhumane callousness displayed by Westboro Baptist Church People at their Marine Son’s Funeral, wasn’t near enough punishment for such low-life scum-of-the-earth and treasonable enemy encouragers.

However, and in fairness to such IDIOT War Protesters since only protest against those actually victimized, their latest unconscionable display using asinine words like: “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” contributed greatly to the new legal precedent. Hope same common sense will now be widely, wisely and often used against other Undermining anti-America Cliques of Voice.

Also, and besides apparently making the often perverted misuse of: “Free Speech” now differently an expensive liability for fanatical ideologues, such also proved that not only many Muslims are sick-o deviants. Many Christians too are obviously also fanatical zealots whom don’t actually practice what they preach.

Regardless, and since The Genie now out of the proverbial bottle regarding logically and sensibly punishing career-enemy gratifiers, satisfiers, supporters and encouragers, wouldn’t Class Action Suits against such nationally-undermining ilk Be Better, Just & Much More Compensatory?

Some Class Action Deportations to enemy nation of choice preferred for such treasonable leftist protesters or turncoat character assassinators (even after death) of The U.S. Military and many other U.S. Citizens,… couldn’t hurt America either.         

Wisely sending turncoats where more liked or allegiant to aside, wouldn’t Class Action Suits of about 4,000 TIMES (Re. approx. American Lives lost in Afghanistan & Iraq) The Magnitude, be much more punishing to those unarguably deserving of such? Sliced, diced or worded anyway liked, but about 44 BILLION$ future garnered by all bereaved over loss of their loved ones and/or those Brave Warriors Serving God & Country against terrorism, would be infinitely better that 11 million$ settlement. 

Hell,…The Top Billionaire Financier of The Subversive Left, George $oro$ and even money bags $trie$and  couldn’t possibly consider 44 BILLION$  for settling justifiably warranted grievances as mere chump-change. Excepting to billionaires, artists & politicians,…THAT’S A WHOLE LOT OF MONEY, folks.

Oh, and speaking of wealthy ideologues and just out of curiosity,…can U.S. Senators & U.S. Congressmen (women also) be similarly sued for demoralizing, undermining, enemy encouraging and placing all we most likely: “Soft Targets of Opportunity” for Fanatical Islam, At More Daily Risk Than Should Ever Need Be?    

Whatever, and even if only wishful thinking, one sincerely hopes that America’s perpetually Demeaning & Undermining Class or Breed and/or quite myopic & incessantly echoing ideologues in politics, journalism, judiciary, academe and even in entertainment, eventually come to their senses.  

America simply cannot survive if it keeps blindly excusing or overall accepting continual Leftist Wartime Undermining, insultingly demeaning and purposeful demoralizing of The U.S. Military and/or those Bravely, Courageously & Selflessly Sacrificing All to keep Us All Alive, Well,  Sovereign & Free, FOREVER.   America in general just cannot remain Lucky FOREVER. Also, ONLY FOOLS perpetually press their luck and keep giving enemies Benefit of Doubt,…FOREVER. 

Then too, be well advised that only The Most Resolute, Wisest, Most United & Most Tenacious will likely survive The War on Terrorism or this latest and/or Eighth Hundred Year Holy War DECLARED ON America & Free Word, TWICE here at home and MULTIPLE TIMES abroad. All other: “Tolerant”, “Sensitive” and “Caring” types (true or politically feigned norm) are usually called: “LOOSERS”.

Sorry, Folks or Fellow: “Pilgrims”. But quite realistically and honestly, it must be admitted that has been quite some time (actually from about 1945) since anyone could possibly ever refer to America as:  “TheMost Resolute, Wisest, Most United & Most Tenacious” possible adversary, and such as any enemy would wisely tremble & fear confronting. Such is just no longer the case, or even honest saying.

I’ve so stated, since overall leadership dictates simply do not permit: “America’s Finest” and/or U.S. Military to ferret-out, kill, destroy & annihilate the enemy, and thus achieve Total Victory.   Our moronic Politically-Correct (actually an oxymoron) Rule where: “Collateral Damage” is unilaterally made criminally punishable for Allies ALONE,gives Radical Islam the luxury of NEVER having to fear ANY severe consequences to Territories, Families, Friends, Supporters & Armorers,…and logically mass-killings will never cease.       

Historically, Murderous Muslims have no qualms whatsoever regarding the murdering of civilians, and NEVER DID.  In fact and from Day One (B.C.), Fanatical Islam’s Main, Foremost & Primary Targets HAVE ALWAYS BEEN Defenseless Civilians or: “Collateral Damage”, and as much as is physically, technologically & scientifically possible producing. It’s-just-plain-stupid being P-C with innate killers.  

Great Leaders of The Free World, please Wake Up before too late. Basically, only fools go into arenas of Fights to The Death with one hand tied behind back, just to show world how nice and what: “Good Sports” they are. Sane combatants use everything in their arsenal (AND SOME), to SURVIVE & WIN.      

The End