"YOU LIE" was/is: "Gospel?"
by N.R. Filidei (October 28, 2009 - commentary)

Given all the constant political deceit about Obama & Crowd abounding & escaping and/or slidding out from under the rocks, Congressman Joe Wilson must now feel totally vindicated.

And, why not? Honesty is honesty is honesty even when directed towards the: "Messiah" himself within the Halls of U.S. Congress, or even on TV towards The Mainstream Press/Media. Though, it was too bad that solely one of all senators & representatives HAD THE GUTS to stand up and call a constantly Proven Liar: "A LIAR".

An overall silence didn't say very much for the overall trustworthiness, believability & intestinal fortitude of Rest of The United States Congress, either. Guess most of America's Ruling Class (bipartisan) are still adoringly & sloberringly awe-struck by Obama?

Still, it is also too bad & quite unfortunate for the rest of U.S. Citizens/Taxpayers that We too aren't as similarly let off that Quite Lordly & Pompous Hypocrisy Hook.

Americans can apologize for believing The Top: "Community Organizer" of The Corrupt Chicago Political Machine NOW GONE National & Gang are flat-out-perpetual-liars all they want. But, all such coweringly ridiculous & unwarranted apologies on earth will not stop America's quite obvious Marxist Take-over, one iota. After all, IT IS pretty-much already & sadly well on its way toward fruition or being totally complete. No one dares even question King Obama, Queen Pelosi & court.

A typical Marxist Philosophy of: "Never waste a crisis" aside, the Democrat Hierarchy & Hacks (both political & journalist) keep concertedly clamoring-along like: "The Energizer Bunny". Most all such So Devoutly One Party Supremacist Bent no doubt believe that if keep constantly echoing: "Pie-in-the-sky" BULL often enough,...such will overall be eventualy accepted as ACTUAL TRUTHS. So far unfortunately, such seems to have worked quite well.

Matters not that: "His Barackness" often reassuringly stated quite nicely that he & cohorts had no intention whatsover of: "Nationalizing" this industry or that industry, like his good friend Chavez. Realities prove that: "YOU (plus rest of gang also) LIE". Chavez no doubt pleased as punch with his Marxist Soul-mate, Obama. Maybe they will even trade books?

Regardless, even idiots must fully realize that when Vast Sums of U.S. Taxpayer Funds are Big Brother Government MISUSED for taking-over & managing previously Privately & Shareholder owned large corporations,...such are: "Nationalizations".

Pacifyingly change the wordings as done for Terrorists, Terrorism or even that quite duplicitous: "Public Option". But, a: "Nationalization" will always be just a; "Nationalization",...whether in America or Venezuela. Nothing more, nothing less.

Then too, isn't it also Flat-Out-Lying to: "We The (Schnook$)" and/or The U.S. Citizen/Taxpayer when insisting (actually dictating) that you politicians & your bureaucracies can BETTER & CHEAPER manage any private corporate entities,...than the Competitive Private Sector & Capitalism creating The Greatest Nation EVER on earth ever did? Are all you Dem Lords & Ladies either on something, just plain nuts, inate One Party Supremacist Liars, or ALL THREE???

Besides, just name me ONE Governmental Program that works better & more efficiently than any Privately Mananged with Private Sector Workforce counterpart. Can't do since there are none. In general Private Sector Workers must produce or be fired. Public Sector Workers rarely (if ever?) get fired. Does tenure cover all Public Workers & Officials?

Whatever, and since there are currently just too-damn-many more lordly lunacies daily unfolding & abounding to address, let's just cut it short. Let me end this little-ditty against obviously constant liars & public thieves or conniving mismanagers, on a personal note.

In that context,...All You Duplicitous Officialdom Liars PU-U-U-U-LEASE stop asininely apologizing on OUR behalves to most all foreign national leaders & people worldwide. We differently Honorable & Patriotic Americans & unarguably Most Compassionate & Generous (both financially & blood-wise) People on earth,...need never apologize to ANYONE for ANYTHING. YOUR doing so is EXCEPTIONALLY STUPID & UNWARRANTED!

If you lordly deceivers & charlatans would like apologizing for now obviously & constantly treating We Americans as mere Subjects or Peasants & just Great Big: "Share The Wealth" Piggybank,...please do so. Such would no doubt be quite refreshing,...for-a-change.

The End