Career Zealots Never Change
by N.R. Filidei (December 8, 2010 - commentary)

Wherever that Samson or Fabio-like hair went & his Twana Brawley racial plant or cohort ever ended up, perpetual wannabe U.S. Senator Al Sharpton certainly proves the point that Career Zealots Never Change.

Reverend Al is just as hypocritically pompous, superior & outright Racially Supremacist today, as in days of old.

The only difference nowadays being that many more Authoritarian Blacks in Power now back up Sharpton's obvious Black Biased or Preferential designs,...since his so closely echoing "Their" desired CHANGES of America for many years.

Regardless,...HOW DARE that nasty white commentator Rush Limbaugh say anything on the public airwaves that His Black Magnificence Al Sharpton finds offensive (or any other black might find offensive either?) or distasteful, anyway?

Is Rush just as stupid as most whites whom haven't yet learned "Their" Proper Place in PC Society? Don't cave-into, pander to or in general walk on egg shells around people of color (presidents, officials, dog catchers & even illegals inclusive) & suffer Officialdom Consequences.

Betcha no white crimes will ever be tolerated or pushed aside by Black Supremacist Officials?

It actually matters not that Mr. Limbaugh constantly remains just as Honest & Faithful to The Truth as always. Holiday season or not Rush,..."You better watch out". Career Black Race Baiters like-minded zealots like Al, simply cannot be dismissed all that easily.

Whatever, be glad that Racist Zealots merely prefer robotically chanting that FCC CENSOR You, other Conservative Talk Show Hosts & Fox News Channel in general, for not disseminating solely Politically-Correct (an oxymoron) and/or slantedly much preferred news, information & dark superiority of races type propaganda.

In Venezuela & Cuba you & like NOT Authoritarianly Cowered into Total Obedience would likely be shot or possibly just jailed for not toeing the One Party Line.

In Vietnam you might instead be sent for Re-Indoctrination or camps similar to America's longtime: "Sensitivity Classes"...Forced Upon SUPPOSEDLY(?) Free Americans. Amazing!!!

Regardless, and just as with most zealots typically attempting to stifle or censor any free speech or info in Iran & even here in America CONTRARY TO THEIRS,...ever hear of that Internet thingy?

Besides, Career Race Baiters & Race Panderers like Sharpton & such can holler, scream & demand CENSORING of things "They" find objectionable all they want. People in general aren't all gullibly-stupid & believing of such obvious Phony Liberals. Duplicitous Race Supremacist Leftists,...obviously & of course.

Basically, start censoring forthright & honest types like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, O'Reilly & other Conservative Patriots...and America will become no better than the Old Soviet Union. Possibly even worse?

Hell,...Americans JUST WILL NOT STAND FOR Lordly Rule. Remember 1776???

What can we expect next during this latest of Dark American Tragedies, anyway?
Gulags for Dissidents or Any & All Opposition towards Black Marxist Dictatorial Rule?

Not to worry: "Pilgrims". Americans are too-damn-well-armed to let Big Brother easily take over America...TOTALLY.

Closed-door, Secretively & Piecemeal like now, Whom truly knows?

That right Al & like. For the long haul 2nd Amendment is just as important as 1st Amendment for We Free People. You & other Power & Control Hungry Race Supremacists be so advised.

God Bless America, Liberty & Freedom.

The End